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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by 3rdMateTaylor, Apr 26, 2016.

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    Hi everyone!

    New to this forum after recently obtaining Rugby 08 for my PC. I had it for my old PS2 and played the hell out of it. I'm looking forward to updating as much as I can. I'm guessing that there aren't updates for the game going up to the present day, but I'd like to know what newest mods/patches I should look into for updating. Just from glancing through it seems like a lot of the mods are team or championship/league specific and I'm not entirely sure where to look for these mods.

    Basically I'd like to update the super 14 to super rugby, update the pro 12 teams, update to the Aviva Premiership, update the top 20 nations in rugby (as much as possible), and possibly update any top 14 teams. I'm fine with the teams being updated only to 2012 or 13 as I'd really just like to experience the game I grew to love in a slightly more in depth, more detailed light.

    Also I'd like to know about any issues with the mods in regards to changing gameplay or how the game runs. As of right now I'm playing this on my windows 8 pc and it's running fine.
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