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Rugby 08 on PC



Just ordered my copy from Amazon.co.uk - The PC release date has changed to 20th July and the PS2 release date to the 27th.

If all goes to plan, then only 14 and a half more days till kick off....................yeah!
both games have been put back to the 27th on play and a couple other sites.
wouldnt surprise me if the same happens on amazon.
i checked Amazon yesterday and the PC version had been removed â€" only for it to be put back up today with a changed release date. I remember last year that 06 on the pc was released earlier than the PS.

But heck you’re probably right, there’s always something that goes wrong.
I'm not really fond of pc games but if you had to choose between the pc and ps2 versions of the game which would you buy?
get it for pc, you wont regret it when the mods come out for it [/b]

What type of gamepad will you use it for the game ? I have a Xbox 360 but I guess that I'll have to buy the pc version as no Xbox version seems to be planned...
You can use your Xbox 360 controller for your PC. Go to Microsoft.com and search for it.
i use a ps2 controller with a $10 usb pc adaptor, i tried using my xbox 360 pc controller with r06 but without the ability to re-map the buttons its pretty useless, from memory sprint was like the start button
Is Rugby 08 coming out for PC in the US, or is it only coming out for PS2 in America?
i use a ps2 controller with a $10 usb pc adaptor, [/b]

How do you do that, if I could hook up my ps2 controller to my pc I'd definetly get the PC version.

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