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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jgough, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. jgough

    jgough Guest

    So, have the game now, ...yay.

    And not too bad at all.

    But rosters...

    A bit strange, most players are there tho.

    It's a shame they stuck to the "N.Ame" format, so you can't tell the difference between the likes of Jerry Collins or Justin Collins (when picking your squads, I just had to guess that Jerry was the guy that had the better tackling and strength, and it seems I was right).

    As for the new comers to the Super 12 this year...

    The likes of Jimmy Gopperth arn't there.

    But then the likes of sub reserve Tom Harding for the Blues are...

    And Vunibaka is still there, even tho he no longer plays for the Crusaders.

    @ the media launch time I had with it was all novelty, so now, it's down to business.

    Little things that kinda **** me off (Oh yes, I've been sidetracked now...)

    *Obviosuly "N.Ame" format.
    *Rucks, still feel kinda random, and the AI is not all that intelligent.
    *Turnovers: Make a break, get tackled, turned over to the CPU, then they kick it out
    *When you sub players during games you can't change players who are already in the lineup?!?!? That is crazy! So I only have 3 backs in my reserves (as per normal), lets say a SH, a FH and a Winger, if my fullback gets injured, I would like to sub him with my reserve flyhalf, and then swap them, but No, not allowed to. AVERAGE!
    *When you swap players for your roster, it goes back up to the top screen, that is AVERAGE again, because I'd rather the scroller stayed as is, so I could continue editing, not go all the way down again.
    *No stats window, you have to push a button to make it pop up, so it is very hard to compear players.

    Aww, god. I'm making it sound like I'm against the game - and I'm not.

    Hmm, I'll finish by saying its very good, and in all fairness, is the best rugby game around, period.

    But looking forward to '06. Hopefully they'll get some intelligent feedback and make changes really for the better.

    Great game tho.


    Jamie Gough
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  3. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Have to agree on the subs thing, the question really is how hard would it have been to fix?? (I'm sure you can sub more then one player a time, and change player position within the team in FIFA??). I was the hurricanes, Umaga got injured, I had to bring a specialist winger on but couldn't move Nonu from the wing to the centre position!!!!

    The thing that really annoys me is the cameras - none of them are particularly suitable.

    Broadcast view is the best to look at - but virtually unplayable.

    Side view is the best view - but the far side of the field is FAR - not as good to look at as Broadcast.

    Classic view has the pass buttons mucked up on it when playing from top of screen to bottom.......

    Classic 2 view - the one I was certain I would use - has no depth perception, thus it is hard to work out how deep your players are to slide through gaps in the opposition line (also hard to work out how fast you are travelling/distance covered). Not pretty to watch...

    What is the point of having top notch graphics etc when the best camera angles are like viewing a game from the top of the stands???? Broadcast view shows off the game the best, a camera view between side and broadcast - on the angle at either end - would be perfect..........
  4. top gun

    top gun Guest

    if they incorporated the kicking tool from Jonah Lomu it'd make the game alot better so you can postion your kicks alot better away from the fullbacks & do more realistic box kicks from halfback.

    yeah the ruck area is also abit dodgy - you can be hot on attack & than they get the turnover. it should be more numbers to the breakdowns equals your ball,
  5. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Yeh your right NZL Fan and Top Gun.

    Also, an option to choose who leads the Haka would be nice too. Just like you can choose Captain and Kicker.

    Also, you can change the defult rosters around, but can't edit, thats a bit strange.

    The thing I just don't understand, like you said NZL Fan, these are really simple things. How hard would it have really been to add these in, and it would make it so much more enjoyable.

    I'm still addicated tho [​IMG] And 2 player is very fun.

    Jamie Gough
  6. TRUTH

    TRUTH Guest

    i feel sorry for blues fans when luke mcalister is 1 of the worst rated players in the game and his goal kicking rating is 14!!!!terrible
  7. WHAT!!?!?!?! hes the man, one of the rising stars of nz rugby, and he kicks better than spencer. thats it ea im going to hunt you down and kill the lot of you [​IMG]
  8. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Most forwards kick better than spencer
  9. TheDell

    TheDell Guest

    Where is Sam Norton-Knight from the Brumbies???
  10. top gun

    top gun Guest

    mehrtens can smoke the ball miles, good trick is to run one way & direct your kick the opposite angle...lots of yardage
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