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Rugby 2006 and Linux

Isn't there an Emulator available for Linux to run windows on Linux?

OR you could just duel boot your machine mate, so much easier!
Yeah, like charlie said.

Have your computer start up, and have a choice of booting to different operating systems.

But to answer your question, no it doesn't run on Linux. It does however with a windows emulator...but thats pointless :)
no its not really... there is a massive performance loss tho...

The other option you have is running it on a Virtual Machine using a tool like VMware, which is the strongest on the market but for what it costs, it honestly not worth it...
BAH! Have 2 hard drives! One with windows os, one with linux os! When start up you can choose between the two.

No need for 2 hard drives if you partition correctly... You can setup multiple logical drives on a hard drive, so in all theory you only need 20GB partition for Linux (depending what you wanna do) and then Windows will need about the 30GB, so if you had an 80GB drive split it 30B/50GB etc...

if you need any help with the dual boot then just give me a PM, I will be more than happy to help.