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" Rugby 2008 ps2" some Ways to improve AI and Camera



" Rugby 2008 ps2" some Ways to improve AI

First of, I must say I am pleasantly suprised with the game. If feel like the ball and players are much more free flowing, although the graphics on xbox rugby o6 were considerably better, the players felt like they were on a train track at times. I will try to do a more detailed review later. Pre receiving the game one of my biggest concerns was no classic 2 camera, I relied on the camera switching ends to know when I would have control of the ball. And when I found out that they got rid of this, I pretty much gave the developers the finger, well now I must remove the finger I gave them and shove it up my own rear. :) For those worried about the camera, DON'T BE! It is more work to find your setting, but in the end you have much more choices. I personally use End Camera but with a closer overhead zoom for rucks. On End camera you can adjust the camera the most of all angles. To see when you take control of the ball at rucks, just play very close attention to the triangle that pops on the player and team when you gain control of ball.

On to AI difficulty. If you decrease stamina all the way to the right, raise knock ons all the way to right but short 2-3 notches, and put offloads on arcade, in other words more knock ons and less stamina with Arcade, I am actually lossing games on Elite, My last game I lost by 24 points to Ireland in the world cup. With my original setting of default stamina, and knockons, and simulation offloads, I won the same game by 30 points. With the new settings it feels more like real rugby, and it ironic that arcade offloads set with these other settings actually have a more realistic play. Try it and let me know.

Cheers and Salud