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Academy Player
Oct 13, 2020
HI, can anyone help me.

I am reaching the end of collating a record of the Courage League Division 1 (1987-1997), which was the precursor to the Premiership. I would like to create a website or, at least, a database of these matches which can then be extended to include other games - essentially a record of English cricket (at the moment) before the Premiership.

Does anyone know of a website builder that would be able to produce something that generate stats from such data? So far, all the sites I've looked at are just setup for businesses or simple hobbies that don't need such functionality. I've asked a few as well and whilst they try to suggest it can be done, it's obvious that it can't.

If not, is there any rugby software availabe? There used to be Rugby Statz, but that is no longer being sold, and I'm not sure how effectiev it would be for my wider use - and having to add in every player would be no fun!

Any thoughts would be much appreciated