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rugby challenge-2006 vs rugby 06 (EA)

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which game do you anticipate will be the best, untill u can judge for yourselves

  • Rugby challenge 2006 (swordfish studios)

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lewseys got it covered

i think hands down EA will make rugby 06 the better game due to experience and previous trends. rugby 05 needed tweakin but was still quality, whereas WCR last rugby game by swordfish was really medioaker.
Umm kindo of in the wrong place, should be in Rugby Gaming, methinks!

Anyway, I'm not going to vote yet, I'm going to wait until I myslef personally have played them both - I trust no one to review rugby games

have u been let down before
have i put this thread in the wrong place, i couldnt find any where else!
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh all i needed to do was scroll down, could someone move this thread please? mr/mrs moderator?
Having played RC2006 for two nights I am 100% confident that Rugby '06 will be better in most departments.
Having played it for a few hours last night - i would tend to agree.
Bitterly disappointed with it..

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