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Rugby Challenge 2006

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sources tell me that this a very very good rugby game!


and im gonna purchase it with shiny eyes and saliva hangin from the side of my lip

all i need is a release date so i can pre order it!!!

use this thread for reviews once it comes out..
my hopes arnet as high as when nrl and rugby challenge came out...but i will see where this game fits when i buy it!
this game will be immnse trust me, but unfortunately the topic with all the info had to be closed down because of a potential leak, well the people who were discussing the game were praising it - not slating it - i thought swordfish would have been happy to have some much needed positive publicity.
are there any videos any where - can anyone host them on their site for us? i just ordered the game
locksleys got some footage but i dont think hes allowed to put it up he may send it to people - but i cant speak for him - i hope he will though.
Sorry, no footage will be sent or emailed to anyone without Swordfish's permission. Let's face it, that ain't gonna happen, so it looks like we're all stumped.

I think that's enough of the matter now.
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