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Rugby Crisis. Not the "Big Boys" the "Little Boys"


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Feb 26, 2017
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Went back to London to watch my old club at the weekend. 'Presidents Lunch' so also nice to catch up with old faces. The club 20 yrs ago ran 5+ Saturday sides, five yrs ago 3+ sides. On Saturday the 1st XV were the only side playing! This is level six rugby so quite a good standard. The club has huge numbers on Sundays with the minis and youth. But Saturdays is now a huge problem and even at this level many clubs are paying players. Worcester is a problem but grassroots rugby is facing a huge crisis.
In Wales if anything the situation with grassroots rugby is even more dire than in England. Most clubs can just about get one senior side out - those clubs with two or even three senior sides are becoming rarer each year - and just this weekend gone 27 matches in the Welsh Cup competition were called off.
I see that Challenge Anneka is being revived by Channel 5. Perhaps she could be tasked with either (1) finding a coach for the Wales national team or (2) helping revive a failing Welsh grassroots club.