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Rugby Dynasty - online rugby manager game


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Mar 3, 2005
I am pleased to announce that an online rugby manager game I (and others) have been working on has gone
live today. It is called Rugby Dynasty.

Here is some basic info and some links at the bottom of the page.

At the Rugby Dynasty web site you manage your finances, squad and strategies
and play weekly matches against other users in your league (you are assigned a
team and league when you register).

Once your weekly has been simmed you can download and watch the game
in using our match viewer.

You can download the viewer here http://www.virtualsportdynasty.com/page1.html
install it on your pc and watch a demo match (comes with installer). The viewer
is currently windows only and a graphics card of some kind is recommended. You
anti virus may detect the file as a threat. We have submitted the file to Norton but
are still waiting. I can assure you it is safe.

Rugby Dynasty has free and payed elements. You can dowload the viewer, register,
manage your team without restriction and watch your weekly league match in 2D
for free. 3D matches cost $1.00 US to download. What you get is a full 80 minute
rugby match (essentially a replay) with playback and camera controls and once
you have downloaded it, its yours to keep. ( you do not need to be connected to
the internet to watch your downloaded games). Alternatively you can download
the 3D highlights package for $0.70 which has the same functionality as the full
match but shows key highlights.

All new users who join get $1.00 credited to their account so they can download
and watch their first 3d match for free.

If you wish to play a match immediately you can use the ranked feature to play
against any team and use you free dollar straight away.
Don't forget to set your squad and strategies first, as your default positions and
strategies are random and you will likely lose badly if you do not.
If you set your squad/strategies via the league menu then make sure you
use the 'copy to ranked button' and vice versa if you set them via the ranked
menu. They are separate by default to allow experimenting in ranked with
your squad and strategies.

The players you start with are average to poor by design. You have to
develop your team through training and signing new players and build
your Dynasty from the bottom.

If you are keen, then sign up and get your team ready for the first round
of games this week!

I am happy to answer any questions and provide any help I can.

Go to http://www.virtualsportdynasty.com/page1.html to find out more

screen shots http://www.virtualsportdynasty.com/screen_thumbnails.html

youtube videos http://www.virtualsportdynasty.com/video_thumbs.html

Register here http://www.virtualrugbydynasty.com/index.php

type your email carefully or you wont recieve your conformation email
(we are looking to remedy this with an extra email conformation field
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Agreed, it's a good concept!
I'm registering now.

Wehey, I was actually able to make my club on there as it's got my hometown and the name of the club to choose from :p
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Looks a decent idea, might give this a whirl later on

Edit: Signed up, looks ok. Couple of issues; can the players designated "reserve" still have obvious indications what position they are as at the moment you have to infer based on stats and the players names to nationality are a bit mad.
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At the moment if an injury takes place during a game then a player on your bench will be automatically selected to cover him. The auto selection is based on what attributes are important to that position, for example a player with good speed and tackling might take the place of your fullback is he is injured.
We might put in place user control of this in the future but thought this was simple for now.
Nationality has nothing to do with how good a player is, just his physical skills and attributes. We have just improved the realism of player names to nationality and this should start to show up in the future with players on the free agent list.
I just signed up and my team is called Springboks hahahaha. AWESOME!

Changed it to Sharks, Durban. Going to read into it in the next couple of days now.
Looks very good I'll set up a user now.

What happens if I don't log in and change my team for a few months due to being away or forgetting or something btw?
At the moment nothing will happen due to inactive log ins. This is something we will have to deal with in the future though. We will base our policy around how people start using the site.
Signed up, Stuttgart Samurai coached by Caleb Powell.

I'm in the same group as Cymro and Ezequiel, although they won't be seeing much of me from the bottom of the leader board. :p
Signed up as Cardiff Devils, was hoping you could pop in own town name was gonna go with "Rhyl Rebels". I'm also with Cymro etc.

Bawls typo's
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Signed up as Cardiff Devils, was hoping you could pop in own town name was gonna go with "Rhyl Rebels". I'm also within Cymro etc.
Well then, this thread just got much more interesting.
How do you feel about this, Cymro?
Mines the Bristol Aztecs, mirroring the name of the cities American Football side
Sorry to anyone who can't get the exact club name they want. We tried to include a fair few.
When you view the match you will see your name and logo. If it is a league game the other people will see it too. We decided customisation was not an option as people might give themselves obscene names. In the future we could add names to the list on request if there was enough interest? Maybe just for League winners?

Keen to hear any suggestions.
No, another team can choose the same name as you. In that case you can tell who's who if you are in the same team by looking at the user name.
You can change your name at anytime.

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