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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Thingimubob, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Basically I need to find a couple of 2 minute long video/audio examples of spoken language to analyze for my English Language Course, and I'm supposed to find one by tomorrow (yeah I leave everything to the last minute... - that's how I work :p) but I;m having a bit fo trouble finding decent ones. So far I;ve found an interview with Ryan Jones after the Ospreys lost to Sarcens in the 1/4 finals of teh HC last year :- - according to the title she's trying to 'wind him up' but I couldn't really tell...
    so I was wondering if anyone knows about any interesting interviews from rugby matches?
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  3. Sky sports news usually have plenty of rugby interview on their site. Whether their interesting or not is debatable ;)
  4. bates

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    I reckon if you just search for a player you might bump into some nice actions and interview as well on youtube.

    It's worth the try, but as Incredible Schalk mentioned, the content isn't always high standard
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