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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by McAlister, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. McAlister

    McAlister Guest

    For the worldcup there are new jerseys.
    Some of them are really amazing.

    Give the one you think is the best.

    I think The Bokke one is great and England
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  3. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    well the bokke, the wallabies, scotland and ireland all have the same jersey with different colours

    and england and france have the same jersey with different colours.

    i think the standard all black jersey with ferns running down the sides looks awesome compared to the world cup jersey
  4. McAlister

    McAlister Guest

    yea I must say that the All Blacks jerseys looks the best for me

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    I prefer the black jersey over all the others. Simple reason, it still looks like the original jersey compared to everyone else's jerseys who change theres to suit the times
  6. melon

    melon Guest

    This may be the case, however they don't look as good as each other.

    While they are the same, South Africa's and Scotland's look the best out of the four.
  7. my favourite (although i may be slightly biased! :D) is the Scotland away one. (white with blue) having said that, at Scotland v Ireland (at which i was wearing said shirt) and irish fan mistook it for the Ireland away.

    the canterbury ones are slightly different - the scotland ones the webbing on the front is the opposite colour from that of the shirt, whereas on the ireland shirt its the same colour.
  8. Kalium

    Kalium Guest

    I am sorry but your topics is totally pointless and stupid? Let's talk some rugby man! not rugby "jerseys!"
  9. Salamo

    Salamo Guest

    I'm sorry to say but if you are going to continue these sensless discussions,
    you can rather go and play video games. Please referre to the game and not
    to jerseys. Pointless and idiotic is your topics description. :%#%#:
  10. Buceph

    Buceph Guest

    There's a forum down a bit for that. Four actually.
  11. in a desperate attempt to rescue this thread:

    in the news today that the canterbury shirts (ie. Scotland, Ireland, Ozzies, Bokks and Japanees + some club sides) are made out of a material that supposedly reacts with sweat to produce ions that apparently improve blood flow - meaning both muscle output is greater and that players can recover faster.

    is this really a reality, or is it just canterbury talking up their product and trying to sound good? aparently "tests" show it improves performance by 2.7%, but does anyone think/know from experience whether these products really make a difference to the teams performance? and if so, does this present the 5 national teams using these shirts with an unfair advantage or are the English getting their excuses in early?
  12. I don't buy into all of this stuff. Yes, a tightfiiting nylon shirt is better than a big baggy cotton one and yes some will help absorb and make you feel a little more comfortable. But as for all of this ion and blood flow pish, well it's just that really...pish.
  13. gsv

    gsv Guest

    I don't think that's true, but anyway, it's the player, not the shirt, that make the difference.

    Talking about estetic, I don't like the new Scottish jersey at all, it seems more the shirt of a robot, or something like that. Where has gone the blue Scottish jersey of years gone, the one wore by Hastings? That was a great one. Blue. And that's it. Just as the All Blacks': black. That's it.

    The French jersey too, I don't like it. Too dark the blue. It was better the other one.
  14. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Of course it is true. Canterbury can't just make up facts like that.

    The RFU complained about the new jerseys and took it to the IRB, who recently referred them on to International Anti-Doping Agency which has since cleared them for use at the World Cup.
  15. Buceph

    Buceph Guest

    I dunno where I heard it, but hear it I did... That there darker jerseys are to force the All Blacks to play in white if the teams meet.
  16. i definatly prefer the old scotland shirt. (blue.) but with white shorts.

    our shirt is gonna look hideous in next years 6 Nations - can anyone here imagine a different sponsor on scotlands shirt?
  17. Well, this is the sponsor:


    I've got the away one without the sponsor or RWC logo and it looks ok. I was in a rugby shop in Edinburgh today, and they were selling the test-spec shirts for the RWC. The Grip pannels aren't as obvious on those ones, must have just been the ones in the summer.
  18. VoLGio

    VoLGio Guest

    I love the Argentinian jersey with those horizontal stripes.
  19. RC

    RC Guest

    Trust me, mate, if the All Blacks weren't so stubborn Adidas would have been throwing pink stripes, and flowers on your jerseys long ago.
    Be happy you're country is adamant that 'All Black' remains the only feature.
  20. Seaeagles

    Seaeagles Guest

    the white scottish jersey looks awesome, I think the fact that their forward pack is enourmous just adds to the effect...but i still like the Italian Jerseys, and the black welsh jerseys, fair dinkum they looked painted on they were so tight...I liked them tho
  21. jaco

    jaco Guest

    The world cup Tonga jersey looks cool
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