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Rugby Kicker : World Challenge -> wanna be a beta tester? (Android)


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Feb 7, 2015
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Hi everyone!

I'm the co-founder of a young gaming company dedicated to creating sport games on mobile platforms.

Our first game is an international rugby penalty kick contest:

We're about to launch a closed Beta phase on Android, a clean, simplified but still enjoyable version where you can kick and compare your scores with players all over the world! Soon enough, we'll add 1vs1 challenges, thematic events and many awesome stuff.

Closed Beta signup page: [SIZE=4]www.gaminho.com[/SIZE]
Shortly after your subscription, you'll receive instructions on how to download/install the game.
This beta phase will be starting in early march 2015.

We're currently looking for gamers, rugby experts, born competitors and/or chauvinist fans who may find cool to help us make a great game from the very beginning!

If you own an Android smartphone/tablet, feel free to come and test the game, try to reach the top rankings and defend your colours :cool:

We're waiting for your feedback and suggestions directly from the game!

See you soon on RKWC, we're counting on you guys!

JC & The Gaminho Team

Beta signup page


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