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Rugby League 3 Ideas/suggestions



Post your ideas/suggestions for Rugby League 3.

Ok first thing Sidhe Interactive need to do is hire a league coach or get a passionate fan to help them create the game.
Then they need to make it feel like league, except leave out the crap things.
I suggest getting lots and lots of league footage to help them create the game.

what Rugby League 3 needs to be is fun not frastrating.
things like knockons, foward passes, high tackles should happen hardly ever, even less then in real league.
strips and offloads should happen about the same as in real life.
things like fends, sidesteps and dummies should be a tad more effective then in real life.
things like goal line defence needs to be improved so that you hardly ever get a try by running straight at a defender and breaking the tackle.
you need to run at gaps and create overlaps to score a try etc
by making the goal line defence hard to break means you WILL NEED to use the kicking game.
bombs in rl2 were useless so use doovepop's kicking idea(which also can be used for doing chip kicks) will show my idea later)
and also have the camera low for doing kicks.
passing should stick to the player most of the time unless you are doing a quick(risk shot)pass
my idea for doing are quick(bat on) pass is when the player is about to recieve the ball you quickly tap the pass button which then bats the ball on.
doing quick bat on passes has a high level of error.
rl3 should have three passing systems in one(well kinda)
Have rl2 passing system plus have either wrc or other rugby games passing system,tap for one pass or tap it twice for cutout pass and so on.
plus my 5 man cutout pass.
you hold down the pass button and a gauge bar fills up when it gets to the top you let go and then a 5 or more cutout pass will be performed.(however this has a high level of error.(only people with good passing stats eg halfback or five eighths can perform this)
A button for play the ball( see rl3 thread on sidhe forum.) my gauge bar.
have a low tackle button and a high tackle button
get rid of the the aggresive tackle button that is in rl2.

the left analog stick should be used for doing shoulder barges by quickly hitting the stick up , doing steps could be performed also by quickly hit the stick left or right.
a shimee could be performed by hitting the stick down quickly.
also you could use the anolog stick for doing ankle taps and holding in a tackle
Doing a ankle tap would be done by pushing the stick in and holding in a tackle would be done by pushing the stick in and holding it in.

the dpad could be used various options like setplays or bringing you fullback up or drop him back or dropping your wingers back.bringing you five eighth up so the hooker could pass to him then do a nice backline movement.
the things that could be done on the dpad are almost endless.

curving your kicks could be done by press the normal punt kick then press diagnoly left or right on the left analog stick.

When defending the CAMERA NEEDS to be facing the otherway around.
I was thinking maybe have it like Jonah lomu rugby where when the oponents teams player gets close to any of your players then it high lights that player and you take control of that player.

have full control over your player.
and if I change player I should be able cycle through every single player.
eg If i'm at marker I should be able to choose different players not be locked on one player.

have stats out of 1000.

continue this later gtg.
Centres that actually pass to their winger rather than to the floor behind him.
Being able to control my players without having to resort to psychic techniques.
What do you think of my Rugby League 3 field goal system
Note: this is done in paint.
do you think i should get rid of the power meter and just have the goal post acuracy bar plus kicking arrow with power meter on it.
it's a "work in progress".

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