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Rugby madness!!!



Wellington - A group of middle aged rugby players in New Zealand went on a rampage after game officials called off their social match for foul play on Saturday, punching the referee, kicking cars and urinating on the goal posts.

Witnesses in the South Island city of Christchurch said the match between fifth division teams from Marist-Albion and Merivale-Lincoln University became unruly when the referee sin-binned a Marist player before halftime for fouling an opponent.

A second Marist player, sent off a few minutes later for tackling a Merival player without the ball, refused to leave the field and grappled with the referee before punching him in the face.


While team-mates restrained the player, the referee abandoned the match but the final whistle signalled greater disorder, the Christchurch Press newspaper reported, citing witnesses.

Several Marist players incensed by the referee's decision "went wild" and vented their anger on nearby cars, the paper said.

"One of them pulled his pants down and urinated on the goal-posts. Some of them were mad and kicked cars on the side of the rugby field," an unnamed witness told the paper.

The player who punched the referee was due to appear before a Canterbury Rugby Union judicial committee on Monday. Any decision on criminal charges was "up to the individuals involved", a union spokesperson said
That's Marist for you... I once played my older Brother when I was playing for Counties and he was playing with those common white folk from Marist... game lasted for a full 15 mins before the two teams couches started throwing punches... god damn white trash
"...game lasted for a full 15 mins before the two teams couches started throwing punches... god damn white trash..." Dumbo.

Couches? You guys have couches?

Man, we only had sofas and the odd bar stool.
why do you have wellington on the first line? it is clearly in christchurch which isnt really near wellington.

well its 45 minutes by plane