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    I have been a fan of the Football Manager series and it has been the best game in its genre for years. I was wandering whether anyone had ever thought of a rugby union counterpart series. The rugby fan base has massively increased over recent years especially with the well-publicised, televised and successful World Cup and Six Nations tournaments of the 21st Century. There have been no previous rugby management games of note, while the games that have been developed do not compare whatsoever with the Football Manager game engine. A Rugby Manager game, based on the Football Manager game engine and style, would appeal to the current management simulator fans and also to rugby fans, who mostly have not experience a rugby management game. Such a Rugby Manager game would bring a similar depth of game play as the current football series, but with new and exciting elements associated with rugby, which I think would prove to be hugely popular. I have put some thought into what features could be included in a Rugby Manager game to make it comparable to Football Manager and possibly improve on it, and they are listed below.

    1. Salary caps for players, coaches and managers.

    2. Directors and chairmen who play a greater role in the management of the club or nation.

    3. Increased control over ticket pricing, stadia (as in FIFA Football Manager) and match day arrangements. This could include spending on transport for a more luxurious and relaxing journey for the players to increase performance.

    Different Rugby Types
    1. Rugby union sevens could play a significant part in the game. The focus would be more on the internationals, and the player could earn the option at some point in his career to manage an international sevens team through the International Sevens Tournament Series in venues like Dubai and Hong Kong etc. This would increase variety in the game and link it together well. For example, Tom Varndell of Leicester has been capped for England 15s and England 7s.

    2. The conversion of players between rugby league and union (and vice versa) could feature in the game. Including the English Superleague, Australian NRL, French EOC and New Zealand NZRL. These leagues could be unplayable but the manager has the option to attempt to sign their players. Its inclusion would increase the authenticity of the management experience.

    Rugby Features
    1. Independent referees – post-match foul play citing.

    2. Consequences including international/national ban.

    3. Varying bans for match booking depending on severity (i.e. 1 week for minor offences and 13 weeks for major foul play offences).

    4. Custom set play configurations – the ability to design them.

    5. Assigning certain roles to players – e.g. long distance place kicker, tactical kicker.

    6. Tempting players to come out of/postpone international or national retirement for a tournament or season.

    7. Domestic teams having to go long periods of the season without star players due to mid-season international tournaments like the World Cup and Six Nations.

    8. International selection processes. For example, Welsh nationals playing domestic rugby outside Wales are ineligible to play for the Welsh national team.


    1. Specific coaches, e.g. specialist kicking, scrummaging, defence coaches.

    2. The ability to assign extra practice sessions to a player in tackling, for example, to boost his attributes. These would have to be limited to a certain number per month,

    3. More control over training regimes and the ability to tailor make them.

    Tournament and Leagues
    1. British Lions/Barbarians Tours.

    2. Summer/Autumn international tests.

    3. Club Championships, including European Cups, Anglo-Welsh Cup and Super 14.

    4. International tournament, including Pacific cups and Tri/Six Nations.

    5. Youth\ reserve leagues.

    6. Youth internationals.

    General Game Enhancement Ideas
    1. The introduction of a game mode where the player does not immediately become the first team coach of his/her selected club. He/she must first play as a specialist/reserve team coach and then earn the opportunity to coach first team rugby at a smaller club.

    2. Like the Football Manager Series, in-depth media coverage and criticism.

    3. More emphasis on moral/form/experience than attribute for player selection and performance.

    4. Statistics that show player’s performance in training compared to other players in same position for selection.

    If you have any comments, opinions or ideas, i would be happy to hear them
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  3. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    There was one series, Pro Rugby Manager. I had PRM 2.

    You could manage a team, make transfers, sign contracts, expand your training ground etc. Players developed their stats over time. There were a lot of stadiums unlike rugby 06, and obviously the larger your stadium the more income you made. You could also scout youths and train them up.


    Its stats were as dubious as Rugby 08 and no one bothered to make a stat editor - you could edit player faces but not stats.

    Gameplay was 3 options - simulate (boring), 2D pitch where you chose tactics, substitutions, whether to chuck it out wide or whatever, and a 3D version of this simulator. Unfortunately unless tackles got missed there was no way of scoring tries in open play; that had to be done from a set piece. You won't see anyone diving over in the corner; as soon as an attacker got clear he made a beeline for the posts which meant that he often didn't make it that far when he would have scored by running up the touchline. Goalkicking was a nightmare; the simulator seemed to think that Wilkinson, Mehrtens etc. regularly missed kicks in front of the posts. Also a fullback with the ball ALWAYS tries a really unimaginative garryowen which he has no chance of recovering. The game is really easy if you have a Tindall type at inside centre and a wing with a lot of pace because these guys will score tries every game.

    The youths you scouted started the game as children, obviously. By the time they've grown up to play in the first team, their bodies still look like childrens. I've never seen an anorexic prop in real life...

    The other teams in the league are misers. They don't offer their expensive players new contracts, which means you'll find good players as free agents after a few years. But the other teams only sign up rubbish cheap players and therefore are rubbish after a few seasons, which means there's no challenge.

    Players got way too tired and never recovered even if you rested them for a few matches on the go.

    The contract signing process is really annoying. If you don't want to retain a player, they get more and more angry every time someone else offers them a contract, because they reject it in loyalty and you don't re-sign them. But they still hang around even after there's a stormcloud above their names.

    Basically, if this were a game about football rather than rugby it would be the worst football game on the market. I can't think of anything more to say. The game is good if you do a couple of seasons, but after this it gets way too easy and way too repetitive. At least somehow FM manages to keep itself exciting 5 seasons into a game. This one's more like the EA series' world league without the matches to redeem itself.

    i like your ideas though, they'd just need a huge budget. and if EA can't even be bothered to sort out the world's leading rugby series properly then I don't think a management game, which are less popular, would make such an impact. Plus, the reason FM is so good is that it's been honed to perfection every year.
  4. I'd love a rugby version of football manager
  5. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Send an email to the developers. Or just play BlackOut Rugby.
  6. I was just searching the net for one of these when a friend was bragging about how awesome football manager was and how their should be a rugby one

    Any chance of someone modding Football Manager u8nstead of waiting for them to develop a rugby version?
  7. camelback

    camelback Guest

    In France we had an " old " game series, which was pro rugby manager .
    Here is a link :
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    It was.. totally boring, and matches were all except rugby..
    I didn't know about blackout rugby.. will try :D
  8. LukeD

    LukeD Guest

    Never heard of blackout rugby... pro rugby manager was simply awful!! :D
  9. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    I also had a really crappy rugby managing game awhile ago, pretty sure it was pro rugby manager. Names were wrong (maybe a licensing issue?), the interface was horrific, the match simulation was a joke but I still played it! Yeah.. I was desperate for a new rugby game back then
  10. dacert

    dacert Guest

    I tried it too, the graphics arent so good, and the managing its a kind of boring, it needs more dynamic menus
  11. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    I too had both Pro Rugby Manager and Pro Rugby Manager 2.
    I loved it purely for the fact that it was developed specifically for rugby and would have been happy to purchase any further versions of it.

    But I think the developing company got bought out and scaled back, meaning no money to develop any further versions. I would have thought that the growth of Rugby in Europe lately would have prompted some big more interest for French and Bristish developers.

    Maybe we'll have to pin our hopes on the emerging Rugby nations of Japan and the US, with their massive gaming markets, to introduce a real Rugby gaming market.

    You guys should defintely give Blackout Rugby a go. It doesn't involve real life teams (like PRM tried to do, but without licences) but you can create you own club and manage it against other real people. Like Hattrick and Battrick.

    There's a fair amount of depth to it, such as training and developing players, upgrading coaches/trainers and training facilities. You compete in a league with promotion and relegation as well as a national cup.

    There's an international player market where you enter auctions for players you want to purchase for you club, and where you can try to unload excess talent.

    You can also upgrade your stadium as your fanbase grows and promote youngsters from your academy up into your firsts team.

    You can change your tactics and defensive patterns depending on the opposition and weather and you can challenge your mates to friendly matches for bragging rights.

    Importantly, in the near future, International Under21 matches are starting up. This will be followed by full International games. So if you get in early and develop some playing talent, you may just find your boy starting for his country (also earning your club compensation money).

    So as you can tell, there's quite a bit to the game. It's also FREE!!!

    I'm a big fan and am just into my second season (a season is 16weeks long). I'm in the second tier of the NZ league pyramid and am hoping to make the top tier if I can get my second promotion in as many seasons.

    My club is the Manawatu R.F.C.

    If there's enough guys on the site here joining up to the game we could get a dedicated thread going (assuming there isn't one already) and also maybe create an official TRF cup?

    If you like your rugby, are looking for a new game and fancy yourself as a rugby manager (dressed in a fans clothing) then get over to Blackout and sign up asap!! Definitely worth the 2mins.
  12. Justink

    Justink Guest

    Thank you for that. It sounds like a very interesting game and I'm glad you mentioned it. As for a Rugby management game from the US, I'm not sure if that will happen for another few years. While rugby has been gaining popularity here, I don't think any of the major devs would bother with a management sim unless Rugby got much more popular here. Perhaps one of the small developers may do one soon, but otherwise, I don't think any big developer will take the time to do a management sim for a sport that isn't exactly popular here (when compared to say, baseball and basketball in the States) when they can do an FPS and make a bunch of money. I guess all we can do is wait and hope.
  13. Idris

    Idris Guest

    PRM2 was awful imho. Going to give Blackout a try and see what I think.
  14. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Ive mastered Pro Rugby Manager 2 and found it very enjoyable!

    It was great managing players that I personally know in the Welsh Leagues and I found the game quite good. there were issues that I dislike, like it crashing randomly etc!

    If anyone wants the money cheat I shall also give it out :D

    It can make the game more enjoyable e.g. find the poorest club, upgradie its facilites, coaches and get the best players to play for that team!
  15. jeffb

    jeffb Guest

    Found it easy to mod as well.
  16. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Found it easy to mod as well.


    Ive downloaded the 1.11 patch and the editor looks a bit dodgy! I want to update the rosters a bit do you know how I move players around?
  17. jeffb

    jeffb Guest

  18. errlloyd

    errlloyd Guest

    The original football Manager game (when it was called Chamionship manager) was made by two brothers at home, they are now multi millionaires and that was in 1995 when the pc game market wasn't as big (ok neither were pirates).

    Most of the game is just menu interfacing, very little graphic design. No reason why anyone couldn't make an unlicensed one.
  19. deadlydemon

    deadlydemon Guest

    A couple of guys are working on making a NRLmanager type game at the moment, but it seems to have stalled a bit. Hopefully when they finish it it will be good.
  20. jeffb

    jeffb Guest

    Thats been ongoing for a good number of years that game.
  21. janco

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    I'm sure ea sports will give it a try... let's wait and see
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