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Hello All,

My name is James Stafford and I am editor of The East Terrace (www.theeastterrace.com ). We are linked to your website as an affiliate and I have spoken with the owner of this forum about posting the following mail.

Firstly, The East Terrace is a unique satire/review rugby website. We strive to offer what other rugby sites don’t: intelligent humour and in-depth reviews. If you haven’t seen the site, take a look and see what you think.

One of our most popular features are joke predictions we did/are doing for this season’s Six Nations, using old computer games: Old computer games

Next week we use Jonah Lomu!

We recently added a games page. I want to create, over time, an in-depth FAQ/tips/cheat guide to rugby computers games (Challenge and EA Rugby 06). We are looking for people with a good knowledge of the game to help us in this regard. Effectively we want a team of people to draw up a guide to the game (we’ll edit them into a document format).

We may even add videos of games in the future.

Those that help will obviously be credited. At the moment The East Terrace is run at a loss (I run it for enjoyment) so there is no payment. However, it could be an excellent addition to someone’s CV as the sites main content is often syndicated in top quality newspapers like The Irish Independent, Rugby Times and scrum.com.

If anyone wants to contribute to this project PM me. I’ll do my best to work with as may people as I can, but some may be disappointed.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


James Stafford
Editor, The East Terrace

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