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benoit capallere

Itsrugby.com henceforth .fr and .co.uk http://www.itsrugby.co.uk has for ambition to give the results of a maximum of competitions, as fast as possible accompanied with heights of statistics.

For some time the website does not put any more news because big construction sites are at present in progress with a world cup website and others things for 2007.

For those who know the site or discovers it here is a description of what you can find on itsrugby. The site proposes henceforth 28 competitions for the year 2006-2007 among which 13 in detail (squad, match detail, statistical detailed) in England but also in France and almost everywhere in the world (South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand).

The big features :

- A search engine player: from a name, from a first name or from a nationality you can find players cards (above you will have all the statistics of these last years). Link "Player" above.

- The matches: they are accessible since the fast view (links on the vertical left banner). You have only to click the scores of the matches when it is possible.

- History: this one is large. In a way by year just below choice flags (his use will however ask to register you beforehand). In a way targeted with the search engine of match (link "Matches" above) or the links of the next matches.

- The calendar: you have the list of the day matches, any merged competitions.


Top find mate.

You're profile doesn't have a location, so i'll take a wild guess, a crazy stab in the dark if you will, and say that you are from France?

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