Rugby World Cup XV?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Fushitsusha, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    So, what do you guys think the make-up of the World Cup XV will be?

    I think there's a few certainties but it'll probably go something like this -

    Fullback will either go to Latham or Robinson

    One of the wing positions will definately be Habana, but who will get the other?

    I'd like to hope that Mortlock gets one of the centre positions, but did he have enough game time? He was awesome against Wales and England but that was about it. Who would the other contenders be? Jauzion? Giteau?

    I think the flyhalf position will either go to Henandez unless Wilkinson wins it for England again.

    Halfback would probably go to Du Preez with Rauluni not far behind.

    No. 8? Maka? Longo?

    Despite not making to the qf's I'd assume McCaw would get one of the the flanker positions.

    Locks? I think it's a 3 way race between Matfield, Shaw and Ali Williams.

    Hookers? Who has really stood out in this position?

    Props? Roncero has been one of my favourites, but Sheridan will probably get the loosehead spot. The tight-head I'm not sure about.

    Anyways, just some random thoughts from myself. I know I've forgotten about a LOT of players.

    Chat away!
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  3. I wouldn't assume anything about McCaw. Personally I think Juan Smith has been the best 7 of the tournament. The Argentinian Lobbe has probably also done more for his team than McCaw.
  4. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    True, but when McCaw has been on the field he's been his usual impressive self.

    Qera for Fiji was also another standout, and George Smith was consistently pretty awesome throughout the tournament.
  5. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Fijian 14 Delasau has been awesome.

    Shaw and Matfield would be the locks for me.
  6. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    1 Os du Randt
    2 John Smit
    3 CJ van der Linde
    4 Bakkies Botha
    5 Victor Matfield
    6 Schalk Burger
    7 Juan Smith
    8 Danie Rossouw
    9 Fourie du Preez
    10 Butch James
    11 Bryan Habana
    12 Francois Steyn
    13 Jaque Fourie
    14 JP Pietersen
    15 Percy Montgomery

    16 Bismarck du Plessis
    17 Jannie Du Plessis
    18 Johann Muller
    19 Wikus van Heerden
    20 Ruan Pienaar
    21 Andre Pretorius
    22 Wynand Olivier
  7. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    I think Chris Paterson needs to go in there somewhere! Probably on the wing as he didnt perform well at fly-half this World Cup!
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    15-Corletto/Robinson,14- Delasau/Ngwenya, 13- Mortlock, 12- Jaunzion, 11- Habana, 10- Wilkinson/Hernandez, 9- Rauluni/Du Preez, 8- Easter/Leamy, 7- J.Smith/Lobbe, 6- Burger/Collins, 5- Matfield, 4- Shaw, 3- Hayman, 2- Smit/Ledesma/Tincu, 1- Sheridan.
  9. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    14- Clerc
    13- Mortlock
    12- Contipomi
    11- Habana
    10- Hernandez
    9- Du Preez
    8- Easter
    7- J.Smith
    6- Burger
    5- Matfield
    4- Shaw
    3- Hayman
    2- Smit
    1- Sheridan
  10. 15.Robinson
    12.Giteau - nobody has stood out; perhaps Contepomi or Steyn either
    9.Du Preez
    2.Smit - Mark Regan a very close second
    4.Shaw - Albacete not too far behind
    7.Juan Smith
    8.Longo Elia - player of the tournament for me
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    Seems like a well thought over team with minimal bias. I disagree with Andre Pretorious on the bench though...thats being pretty generous...
  12. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    1 Rodrigo Roncero
    2 John Smit
    3 Census Johnston
    4 Chris Jack
    5 Victor Matfield
    6 Jerry Collins
    7 Nili Latu
    8 Gonzalo Longo
    9 Fourie Du Preez
    10 Juan Martin Hernandez
    11 Bryan Habana
    12 Stirling Mortlock
    13 Filipe Contepomi
    14 Sitiveni Sivivatu
    15 Percy Montgomery

    16 Andrew Sheridan
    17 Os Du Randt
    18 Mario Ledesma
    19 Juan Fernandez Lobbe
    20 Vilimonu Delasau
    21 Agustin Pichot
    22 Chris Paterson
  13. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    1. Sheridan
    2. Smit
    3. Vickery
    4. Botha
    5. Shaw
    6. Collins
    7. Dusautoir
    8. Easter
    9. Du Preez (or Gomarshall, depending on their performances tonight)
    10. Wilkinson
    11. Habana
    12. Rabeni
    13. F.Contepomi
    14 Sackey
    15. Robinson
  14. Sussudio

    Sussudio Guest

    15 Montgomery
    14 Robinson
    13 Contemponi
    12 Wilkinson
    11 Habana
    10 Hernandez
    9 Pichot or Du Preez
    1 Sheridan
    2 Smit
    3 Vickery
    4 Shaw
    5 Botha
    6 Collins
    7 Dusatoir
    8 Easter
  15. KZNSharksFan

    KZNSharksFan Guest

    15 Montgomery
    14 Robinson
    13 Fourie
    12 Giteau
    11 Habana
    10 Hernandez
    9 Du Preez
    1 Sheridan
    2 Smit
    3 Hayman
    4 Botha
    5 Matfield
    6 Burger
    7 Smith
    8 Easter
  16. candybum

    candybum Guest

    15. Coletto (honorable mentions; Montgomery, Robinson)
    14. Delasau (honorable mentions; Ngwenya, Howlett)
    13. Taione (honorable mentions; M. contempomi)
    12. Rabeni!!!! (honorable mentions; contempomi)
    11. Endo (honorable mentions; Habana)
    10. Hernandez (honorable mentions; Wilkinson Evans that georgian 1st 5)
    9. Rauluni (honorable mentions; Du Preez, Gommersal)
    8. Maka
    7. Latu (honorable mentions; Dusatoir)
    6. Collins (honorable mentions; Burger, Betsen)
    5. Chabal
    4. Williams (honorable mentions; Shaw, Matfield)
    3. Hayman
    2. Ibanez (honorable mentions; Smit)
    1. Sheridan (honorable mentions; Big OZ, Woodcock)
  17. egreismont

    egreismont Guest


    Sheridan ENG Smit RSA Roncero ARG
    Matfield RSA Botha JP RSA
    Dusautoir FRA Smith RSA McCaw NZL
    du Preez RSA
    Wilkinson ENG
    Habana RSA Fourie RSA Contepomi F ARG Sackey ENG
    Montgomery RSA

    Coach: Marcelo Loffreda ARG

    van der Linde RSA
    Hasan/Tincu ARG/ROM
    du Randt RSA
    Albacete ARG
    Williams NZL
    Rossouw RSA
    Longo Elía ARG
    Collins NZL
    Rauluni FJI
    Hernández ARG
    Paterson SCO
    McAlister NZL
    Giteau AUS
    Pietersen RSA
    Corleto ARG
    Coach: Jake White
  18. heinsmit

    heinsmit Guest

    1. Os du Randt
    2. John Smit
    3. CJ van der Linde
    4. Bakkies Botha
    5. Victor Matfield
    6. Schalk Burger
    7. Juan Smith
    8. Danie Rossouw
    9. Fourie du Preez
    10. Butch James
    11. Bryan Habana
    12. Francois Steyn
    13. Jaque Fourie
    14. JP Pietersen
    15. Percy Montgomery
  19. You notice how two South Africans have made exactly the same joke/comment? And how neither time it was funny/relevant?

    I'm guessing you're both under 18.

    Don't see why people are picking Wilkinson at 10. He gave England a confidence boost, but was nowhere near his best. Certainly didn't shine like Hernandez.
  20. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    Well for me personally, this is my World XV after a month of sleepless nights and unbearable hang-overs. The Honourable mentions are in brackets.

    1. Andy Sheridan - (Os Du Randt, Omar Hasan)

    2. Mario Ledesma - (John Smit, Marius Tincu)

    3. Pieter de Villiers - (Carl Hayman, Matt Stevens)

    4. Simon Shaw - (Bakkies Botha, Kele Leawere)

    5. Victor Matfield - (Ali Williams, Lionel Nallet)

    6. Juan Smith - (Jerry Collins, Hale T-Pole)

    7. Nili Latu - (Akapusi Qera, Thierry Dusatoir)

    8. Gonzalo Longo - (Finau Maka, Danie Rossouw)

    9. Mosese Rauluni - (Fourie Du Preez, Andy Gomarsall, Augstin Pichot)

    10. Butch James - (Jonny Wilkinson, Juan Martin Hernandez)

    11. Bryan Habana - (Joe Rokocoko, Paul Sackey)

    12. Felipe Contemponi - (Luke McAlister, Seru Rabeni)

    13. Stirling Mortlock - (Jaque Fourie, David Marty)

    14. Filimoni Delasau - (Doug Howlett, JP Pietersen)

    15. Ignacio Corletto - (Percy Montgomery, Jason Robinson)
  21. candybum

    candybum Guest

    haha now that was funny lol
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