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Hi all sorry to create a new thread about this, but the old one had a very uninformative (it was a poll) and basically things have moved on a bit since it was started. So anyway like the thread ***le says this is a roster update, the details of which can be found below:

But firt things first; you can download the roster file from here


The file size is a tiny 92kb.

and if you need help about where to put the file then just read on.

Ok well here's a little info about the roster file. So far I have created all the new players for the NZ teams in the super14. There are a total of 90 new players created from scratch. 99.9% of them have the correct information for date of birth, height, weight and position. They have also been assigned the correct commentator name and real face or as close an approximation as I could manage. As for their stats I have tried my best to create them from my own knowledge and not to overrate players or show favoritism. Naturally you will all have your own ideas about player stats so I recommend using woosah's most excellent player editor to change them to your liking.
In addition to NZ sides I have also done the Queensland Reds, the Western Force and have swapped some players around for the Brumbies. The SAF sides have received minimal attention as I have very little knowledge of their players' abilities.
I have also created players for the Manu Samoa and have updated their side so it is a little more current. Tweaking of the English and All Black lineups in order to reflect their current rosters has also been done.
That's pretty much it for the most part.

To install just use WINRAR to extract the folder called "LatestS14.ros" and place it in your "EA SPORTS Rugby 06" directory. For me this directory is located here:

C:\Documents and Settings\Oz\My Documents\EA SPORTS\EA SPORTS Rugby 06

If you read this thread:


there are posts by woosah where he reckons he can combine created players from different rosters into one. So for anyone who wants to complete the SAF and even the Northern Hemisphere teams' rosters, please feel free. I know I would like to have a completely updated roster for 2007. As for replacing the Cats with the Lions, I believe someone is already working on a kit mod for just this, however the roster update will still be needed so feel free to work on that separately.

P.S sorry to all you Queensland Reds fans I made a mistake on the halfback W.Genia there were no images of him or info availabe so he's ended up as a blonde haired blue eyed white guy :p . I'll fix it in the next update. Btw as you can see the roster can also be downloaded from my sig. Cheers.
thanks bro, can't wait to try when i get the time. will you release a 2007 super 14 roster update when the SA teams are done?
I was trying to think of the best way to deal with the SAF sides. The problem is the SAF team websites seem to be woefully out of date or just plain wrong and there is little to no info available on many of the players who have made up the regular 22 each week of S14.
I am thinking of creating template players for the SAF teams, i.e. give them correct height, weight, DOB, face, commentary name and position but not edit their stats at all. Thus when someone who is more familiar with the players gets the roster file they can update the stats as they see fit and hopefully will distribute the updated roster to the rest of us.
Well just made a craposa discovery. I tried to create a new player and I got a message saying that I had created the maximum number of created players allowed. So it looks like unless Woosah or some other coding genius has a suggestion about how to remove this craptastic cap on created players then the roster updates will be stalled.
The only workaround I can think of now is to create a new roster file then create the remaining players in that roster file and try to merge the 2 into a single file. However I have the sneaky suspicion that I am talking out my ass here. So if anyone has any ideas now's the time to suggest them.
EA and HB studios, I hate you guys and your obsession with crippling your products!!!!
why are you creating so many players? can you not just change the details on the rosters? replacing players etc?

though i cant remember but do you have to create the faces for them? what happens if you dont use a real player? is that when they get the funny heads?
Umm yeah, I kind of agree with Woosaah.

Some players will only need to switch teams and have their attributes changed. Visually they should still look much closer to their real-life counterparts than what the EA create a player allows. They all end up looking funny.

Thats fine for the 30 or so new players, but not worth it for players in the game already.
I try to avoid just renaming and altering existing players. Just as someone said they may enjoy setting up a historic side of players who are retired, suspended or have changed codes, example might be a Wallabies test side with Sailor, Flatley, Chris Whitaker and so on. The other problem is if a player has transferred to a different club and you overwrite them then they will no longer be available to correct the roster for that team e.g. Super players from last year who are playing their rugby in the NH Ben Blair to name one.
As for my created players none have the dreaded big head as I use your editor to assign them existing "real" faces, of which there are a crapload of generic ones which can fit the bill in most cases.

Umm yeah, I kind of agree with Woosaah.

Some players will only need to switch teams and have their attributes changed. Visually they should still look much closer to their real-life counterparts than what the EA create a player allows. They all end up looking funny.

Thats fine for the 30 or so new players, but not worth it for players in the game already.

I only create players that do not already exist. Existing players who only need to be switched to different teams do just that and I do not fiddle with their stats or else you would get an entire roster that would reflect my personal views alone and I don't think anyone wants that. No, I only take artistic license out on players I've created from scratch :D
Not quite sure what you meant with the last sentence of your post.
Wow. Then you really are doing the best you can Ozzy! So unless Woosaah can help, your up a certain creek without a paddle at the moment!

Hope an answer is forthcoming for you!

(My last sentence assumed that you were changing players who were already existing in the game, and I thought there'd only be 30 or so new players in the NZ Super 14 squads to change. So, I was saying that it's not worth changing existing players by re-creating them. So in other words I completely misunderstood you, lol.)
Is it possible to take created players from one roster and put them in another? Ive done a few SA players but its a mission to do them again.. also how do you get it not to have created players initials on the screen in a game?
Keep working on it ozzy. This is going to be an awesome update when all is done!
just change some players from teams like romania or something.

ill see if i can get an export out, ie to have a created player overwrite another player from another international team that we dont use.

Would that help?
Not 100% sure what you mean by the export. What would be the difference between overwriting a player with created one and just altering the player directly from the roster editor?
It's looking more and more like overwriting existing players is the only option. But what teams does nobody play?? I suppose if they really wanted those international sides back for tournies like the worldcup, they can just load up a different roster. Still have to avoid overwriting players in obscure international sides who are affiliated with clubs already.
I don't suppose you know if there's some little value in the code that can be changed to increase the number of allowable created players? Now that would be ideal :)
Hi all well I've made some new updates to the roster again. I had to overwrite some existing players unfortunately and I'm afraid it was the Russians who drew the short straw. I chose them because they do not have ANY players currently affiliated with clubs already in the game and they do not feature in the World cup mode very often.
Anyway as I continue to update the roster the entire Russian team will be systematically annihilated. As it is they already have 7 ruskies who have become aussies :)
Anyway onto the roster itself. This version pretty much has the entire 2007 lineup for the waratahs done and dusted and the initial lineup reflects the selections for this weeks super14 game against the bulls. It also includes numerous tweaks to Reds players to give them correct commentary names and in the case of Gian?? his correct skin colour lol. It also contains a couple of positional updates so fat centres like turinui are able to play wing as well. So here's the link to the file. It's also been updated in my sig so you can get it there too.


hey thanks for the work ozzy... looks great

cant wait till someone gets the time to get stuck in and do the sa teams
thats awesome dude

havnt seen anywhere about the created players to delete or whatever. by exporting i could just have made it export over another player so you could go ingame and edit the plaeyrs again. but looks like you are doing find for yourself.

been 2 busy at work to look at programming anyway :)
Yeah it's no biggie woosah, but thanks for the reply.
@ BOKean
well I've done up the brumbies now so that means the aussie sides are pretty much complete along with the kiwis, so now the real challenge of the mighty south africans is next. I have been looking at starting on the sharks and I've gotta say they have almost twice as many players to create as the largest number required for the kiwi or aussie sides. But I have made a start on them so expect an update with at least the sharks side updated sometime soon. As I've said before I'm not up at all on the abilities of the SAF players so I leave it up to people such as yourself to tweak their stats here and there.
Sounds great! By easter we could have the best roster update available anywhere!
yeh the sa teams go through players like underwear...

cant wait to have frans, brad barrit, waylon murray, j.p peterson etc tearing it up for the sharks.