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RWC 07 Prediction League



Good to have you all on board.

I have also set up a mini league for The Rugby Forum (which runs within the main league). You will still predict as normal, however you can also see your standings against other people who have joined from here.

To join the mini league, log in, from the Mini League sub menu select Join Mini League. Tick the box next to The Rugby Forum and click ok. You are now part of the mini league. To view the standings, also from the Mini Leagues sub menu, select Show Joined Leagues and it will come up with a list of all the mini leagues you have joined. Click on the league you want to view and..... hey presto!!!!

Please note, up until the RWC starts, i am only updating the site every wekk or so, so you may not appear immediately, however, you will be there next time the site updates.

And lastly............. If any of you are feeling generous, and have something (anything) which you would be happy to donate as a prize for the winner, please contact me, either through here, or via the Prediction League site. I would expect there to be quite a bit of traffic through the site during the tournament, so it could be a good opportunity for some targeted publicity??

Best regards

Neil a.k.a. Doodlebug

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