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RWC 2023 accommodation

I am just looking at different options. Public transport will be a real pain after the game so I am looking at 24 hour car rental from where ever we stay outside. We are in a campervan so this campsite would be ok (I am not prepared to leave my van parked in Marseilles to get broken into).
I also have different options on staying so will revert when I know. 24 hour car rental is around £120 for a 4 seater.
RWC 2023 Accommodation
I have a motorhome and would prefer to stay in that in Marseilles during Englands games there. Does anyone know if there will be any pop up campsites? The only campsites near Marseilles can only be reached by train as the England v Argentina game is late in the evening the trains will have finished running for the day.
Does anyone know of campsite that can be reached by public transport?
Alternatively it will have to be a Hotel but these are either booked or Uber expensive. Has anyone had any luck with either?
Hi, we have the same problem. We eventually decided there was no public transport solution and have settled for a small secure campsite on the train line and an airbnb for the night after the Agentina game. I emailed the Marseille tourist office who said there were no plans for pop up sites, but to check back again nearer the time, but we deemed that too risky. New airbnbs are being posted all the time. Cheers Jan
I have found my solution for Sept 9th. I will be staying in my campervan 45 minutes outside the city.
I have rented a car for 24 hours to use to drive in and drive out after the game. Hire cost was £96 which when compared to public transport for 2, if there was any for the return trip, or an Airbnb walkable from the stadium - it’s not that bad and a secure guaranteed transport method for the evening.
I used Europcar form La Seyne sur mer
Hayes1955 where have you found for your campervan? We are at the All Blacks v France game in Paris on the Friday and have tickets for England v Argentina on the Saturday. We will be in a small campervan. We were looking for a hotel but they are either all booked or silly money for the night. If we cant find a sensible way to do this my England tickets will be up for grabs.

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