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RWC Final



So interestingly, we get a situation that has never happened before in the Rugby World Cup (Rugby Union anyway), here's how I see it.

If England win, they will have dragged themselves back from playing record-breakingly badly in the pool stages, to playing record-breakingly gutsy rugby in the space of a few weeks, quite a feat. Again, if England win, they will be not only the first side to win 2 World Cups in a row, they will be the first team to have lost a pool stage match and gone on to win the world cup. Both would happen eventually down the years, so now is as good a time as any. Our antipodean brothers may despise our style of rugby at times, but I don't think anyone can deny the size of the balls the English has. Winning a world cup takes a stop at nothing attitude, winning in style or with blood, sweat and tears.

If South Africa win, they will have been the only team to have beaten England in the world cup since we lost to South Africa back in 1999... in Paris. Not only that, but they will have beaten us twice in the same world cup. If a side was ever to have deserved the William Webb Ellis trophy, surely beating the current world champions *twice*, would suffice as deserving enough. Not only that, but they are the only one of the top sides who have performed as expected and played some thoroughly entertaining rugby throughout. I don't expect the final will have many tries in it, perhaps 1 from each team. I would like to think I was wrong, but the memory of the 1995 world cup final and how close RWK finals are in general make me think differently.

So whoever wins, I think will be a thoroughly deserving team, whoever it is. As an Englishman, I am just happy that we have shown pride, passion, grit and determination, the phrases usually kept for plucky Welsh performances or Irish grand-slam hopefuls. I am happy we have got to a 2nd successive final and even though I would love more than anything for the team to go on and win it, if South Africa wins, I will take my hat off to them, applaud them and genuinely be happy for the cup to be passed to them.

Now only a few questions remain... can England pull yet another gritty, tight, balls and all performance out and go all the way? Can South Africa show some of the other nations how to win world cups and mix up hard-nosed, body-smashing rugby to add to their repetoire already filled with scintilting running rugby and innumerable talent? South Africa need to know how to win ugly if they want that trphy badly enough, England need to let their backs go a little more if they are to score enough.

One thing is for sure, I can't wait for Saturday, unless its an 80 minute fight, I think rugby is the winner.


so no one has a take on this? Come Sunday night, we'll all have one. So are they the best? Why aren't they? speak!


If england win, it'll probably snow in sahara.


it think the boks deserve it more, but if england win. just as well.

there have been many comments to the build up of the final, but end of the day, doesn't matter what we say, there are 2 teams in the final. the one that wins will be crowned world champs.

obviously i hope it's the boks... :p