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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by melon, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. melon

    melon Guest

    The latest statistics involving goal-kicking are out. I was quite shock when I saw Johnny's success rate. I knew it wasn't as good as usual, but I didn't think it was this bad! It seems Percy Montgomery's boot may win it for the Springboks if its that kind of game.

    1. Chris Paterson (Scotland) 17/17 100%
    2. Nick Evans (New Zealand) 20/22 90.0%
    3. Pierre Hola (Tonga) 17/21 80.9%
    4. Percy Montgomery (South Africa) 35/44 79.5%
    5. Jean Baptiste Elissalde (France) 17/23 73.9%
    6. Nicky Little (Fiji) 17/23 73.9%
    7. Lionel Beauxis (France) 14/19 73.6%
    8. Matt Giteau (Australia) 11/15 73.3%
    9. Daniel Carter (New Zealand) 15/22 68.1%
    10. Stirling Mortock (Australia) 14/21 66.7%
    11. Mike Hercus (USA) 10/15 66.7%
    12. David Bortolussi (Italy) 12/18 66.7%
    13. Felipe Contepomi (Argentina) 25/38 65.7%
    14. Stephen Jones (Wales) 14/22 63.6%
    15. Johnny Wilkinson (England) 17/28 60.7%
    16. Merab Kvirikashvili (Georgia) 9/15 60%

    What do you all make of this (In particular Johnny)? Discuss...
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  3. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    I know everyone has been raving on about Patterson and his brilliant goal kicking (and rightly so I suppose), but look at that list, out of all of those Percy has to be the most consistant and accurate by far.

    He's done a good 20 more kicks then the rest of the field, only contepomi comes close and he's down at #13.

    so brilliant work by Percy then.
  4. melon

    melon Guest

    Apart from Percy, I was really impressed with Nick Evans! 20/22 is pretty damn good.
  5. Lardinho

    Lardinho Guest

    I thought Patterson missed a kick against the Argentinians? hmm, I must be mistaken, but I thought he missed a penalty. No doubt though, awesome kicking performance by Patterson.

    I think the reason is, that the match balls are slightly different to those people are used to playing international rugby with, but that this difference has no effect on some people's styles yet it does on others. Wilkinson has still got over some tough kicks, that first one against France was right on the touchline, so he is trying to make his technique work with these balls, but something is obviously up.

    I've thought Dan Carter was the best place kicker over the last 2 years and his percentage is way down on what it usually is, too, so his technique obviously isn't suited to the balls either. Which is a real pity that the ball can have such an effect, should be more down to the rugby.

    On reflection though, Percy's rate is fantastic and as was rightly mentioned, this may well be the difference in the final.
  6. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    Nope! That was Parks, i think. He went for another long distance kick and failed to get over again! But Paterson got all the kicks he took!
  7. Lardinho

    Lardinho Guest

    ah that was it, good man, I stand corrected. Bloody hell, didn't Patterson get an insanely high percentage in the 2003 world cup also? he's a frickun machine.
  8. Ihsaan

    Ihsaan Guest

    To be honest, I guessed Wilkinson wouldn't be up there. Great kicking from Paterson, and I also think that Percy Montgomery was the best kicker throughout the world cup [Assuming he doesn't have a shocker of a final].

    I'm still myffed as to why NZ got McAlistair to take the all-important conversion instead of Nick Evans when Evans was on such good form.
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