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The moment we have all been waiting for is upon us!!
The previous world cup was an awesome sight with some BIG forward packs and lightning fast backlines. But the overall feeling was that there was that little something missing. And the anwser is the Springboks since the 1995 tournament they have been a massive force in world rugby. There poor showing in 2003 was a let down for the whole of S.A.

But with that said hopefully they wil make right the damage that thier predecessors had left behind.
The big favorites are surely N.Z, France, Australië and ofcourse S.A . But one thing we as rugby supporters should know is that there is no certain result to anything in rugby!

Your opinions? :wall:
Nice topic, I would say Ireland is one of the favorites for the RWC. Die T-Bag
Ja, we`ve all been waiting 4 years for this. But we already have an entire sub-forum dedicated to the RWC. Pop over there for some more discussions about it guys.

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