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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by I Bleed Black, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Which opposing players are you looking forward to see squaring off against each other? Generally would be opposite numbers, but can be similar positions as well.

    My pick is Jerry Collins against Chabal - Cant help feeling there was some unfinished business left on the field in New Zealand. They are both tough enforcers on the field, and they hold nothing back. They will take chunks out of each other with their barnstorming runs and unforgiving tackles. Can't Wait!! :cheers:
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  3. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo Guest

    From an Irish perspective mine would be Leamy Vs Chabal (if selected at 8) in the pool stages. CRUNCH!

    Also if Contepomi is select at 12 his clash with D'Arcy could be very interesting indeed.
  4. Karmabass

    Karmabass Guest

    Can't wait to see Hayes in action in the scrum and forward play against those huge italian and argie front-rowers. He's a beast!

    Also interested to see how our back row holds up against the likes of SA and NZ, should we play them... Rucking and turnover ball is the difference between NH and SH rugby. But Leamy, Wallace and Easterby are top class so hopefully they'll pull it out of the bag for the WC.
  5. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    The brutal bashing will be between the England pack and the Boks pack. Both kinda play with the same game plan but the Poms do it better.

    Simon Shaw & Steve Borthwick vs Victor Matfield & Bakkies Botha :cheers:
  6. yeah i agree. chabal caused a bit of damage during the last test against the AB's and i dont think he'd take a backward step against Jerry. I just want Jerry to line him up and smash him! RWC is gonna be a stunner! :)
  7. timmyhoran

    timmyhoran Guest

    I'm hoping for a Eng V Aus QF and seeing Giteau and Mortlock carve up what ever geriatrics the poms role out in the midfield. I agree with the previous post. England v SA will be brutal in the forwards. Habana will score a couple of oppurtunist tries to just get the Saffas home.
  8. Most of the 'must-see' aren't in the pool stages, so won't be definiate encounters. But anywho:

    Dan Carter (NZL.) - Johnny Wilkinson (Eng.). The latter was ripped to shreads the last and only time they've played against eachother, during the Lions series in 2005. Will be interesting to assess as DC's performance has slightly dropped in contrast to his opposite, who is on the rise.

    Conrad Smith (NZL.) - Brian O'Driscoll (Ire.). Both similar players in terms of gameplay and style, so would be interesting to see who has the slighter 'edge'.

    McAlister (NZL.) - Mortlock (Aus.). Mortlock has a knack for upsetting the Kiwis, so expect NZ to up the anti. Especially with Macca, keep in mind the Melbourne encounter.

    Tuilagi (Sam.) - England midfield. A fearsome player who plys his trade in the country, will be sure to give the English a rough time.

    English front row - South African front row. Both pride themselves in a strong-beefy forward pack (primarily in the scrum), so would be an epic encounter if both at full strength.

    James Hook (Wal.) - Stephen Larkham (Aus.). Again, both are somewhat similar players. If Jenkins opts to put Hook in pivot instead of Jones, Wales are sure to put their hands up due to this extrodinary youngster. Hook is more useful in offensive games (which will be against Australia), whereas Jones is more suited in the conservative style.

    Freddie Michalak (Fra.) - Federico Todeschini (Arg.). Both completely different gamestyles, but the pivot is one of the players who decides the outcome of the tightest of matches. This encounter will be tight. Not to mention both will have to knock most if not all the balls over the sticks to ensure a win for their respected countries (not sure if Michalak is the primary goalkicker of France mind you).
  9. fredman

    fredman Guest

    Anyone versus hayman in the scrums. (can any1 beat him?)
    Also Paul O'Connell the battle up front will any tight forwards have a chance in the lineout.
    Shame McCaw wont b tested at the start but he'll wanna make sure the ABs win.
    Hook or Jones verus Larkham will b good, and will see if size matters when Shane Williams runs round Tuquri.
  10. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    yeah i agree. chabal caused a bit of damage during the last test against the AB's and i dont think he'd take a backward step against Jerry. I just want Jerry to line him up and smash him! RWC is gonna be a stunner! :) [/b][/quote]

    Yeah Chabals tough but he's got nothing on Jerry. Jerry Collins will eat him alive if he lines him up. If Chabal makes a hit on Jerry i will never post on this forum again.
  11. dek

    dek Guest

    I don't know how the pools line up, so this game might not come up, but I want to see the french and Irish midfields head-to-head.

    I'd take D'Arcy and O'Driscoll over Jauzion and Traille - but only just.

    If someone could tell me the likelihood of this game happening it would be appreciated.
  12. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Is this another one of these pointless posts, just to get the post count up to ten, to get access to the gaming forum? If not, what in gods name are you doing posting here?
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