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[RWC2023] Georgia vs Portugal (23/09/2023)

Portugal created a few chances to score, a few tries in the second half
What a funny feeling happy we never lost picked up our 1st ever World Cup points but could of won it with the missed kick
Portugal got a LBP vs Romania in RWC 2007. (10 - 14)

But you got your 2nd and 3rd ever. And a record 2 tries in a RWC game. Somehow you only ever get RWC points in REC derbies.
Put another way, you got tries in every RWC game and table points from every RWC opponent except T1. Try keeping that up when you play Fiji!
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Wow. A very enjoyable game. Accurate goal kicking seems to be a neglected art nowadays, and Portugal could've had their first win. These smaller teams showed again the heart in their play and delivered a good advertisement for the game.

Hilarious comment in ages from the Scottish commentator: "It's like a scene from Jurassic Park"