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[RWC2023] Wales vs Australia (24/09/2023)

Wales should win this one. If Skelton and Tupou were fit I'd be more inclined to think Aus could do something. I'd argue Fiji played better against Wales than Aus.

Eddie Jones is mental. On paper pre squad selection with everyone fit Aus first XV looked good, but then he left some experienced players out for reasons no one but Eddie can fathom. There surely wasn't anything to loose to take Cooper and Hopper, Ben Donaldson doesn't even get selected by his super rugby club.
I was stunned he selected 6 players from the only club to make the playoffs
Probably my 2 least favourite teams but supporting Wales today as it would pretty much guarantee Fiji to go through as long as they don't **** the bed against Georgia or Portugal
10 out of position and fails to make the tackle

Too easy for Wales, they know there's yards to be made down that channel
Seeing Morgan run through then I thought Scott Gibbs had made a comeback.
Anscombe on the bench? Yeesh

Aus will be sending every runner at Biggar's hurt shoulder now