Ryan Lamb, whats all the fuss about?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by danny, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. danny

    danny Guest

    Does anyone out there actually beleive that Ryan Lamb is anything like international class. I watch him every week and I just dont rate the horrible little twat. His game management is very poor, he cant tackle vey well and Im sick of hearing all the Gloucester management say how fantastic he has played. His attitude is terrible and he sulks if things dont go his way. I think Ollie Barkley is being brought in as a 10 not a 12 and I couldnt be happier. Interested to hear the views of members whose teams have to face Lamb and how they rate him.
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  3. stegellett

    stegellett Guest

    i really like lamb but i do feel barkley will command that 10 shirt with allen outside him most of this season
  4. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    Hadn't noticed this thread previously...

    Quite suprised at the angry nature of danny's post because I've always looked forward to watching Glos when they are on the telly and one of the main reasons in recent years is to watch Ryan Lamb who I think is a cracking attacking player... defensively frail and still a lot to learn in regards to dictating a game but still a good player to watch.
  5. i wonder if he has been mentally scarred by Tuilangi ;)
  6. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    That applies to Vainikolo aswell. :lol:
  7. ollybarkley

    ollybarkley Guest

    I agree that Lamb is a limited defensive player, but a very gifted attacking 10..... much like Charlie Hodgson. Now we all saw what happened to Charlie Hodgson at the international level. I think much the same will be the case for Lamb until he stiffens his defence and improves his game management and goal kicking.

    As for Barkley, who is of course my favourite player, I think he intends to play 12 with Glos, but may end up playing more 10 if things aren't going well with Lamb.
  8. outram

    outram Guest

    the fuss should be about dan carter, only the best player in the world
  9. stooy

    stooy Guest

    i think lamb has a lot of potential, but think it'll be rushing him by putting him into international at the moment. he needs to mature in the position.

    he needs to learn how to take big men down, because otherwise he'll be a target at international level

  10. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    what's Dan Carter got to do with a thread about Ryan Lamb? Yeah, he's a brilliant player, but what's he gotta do with Lamb or Gloucester?

    Anyway, from what I've seen of him (I've only seen one full game with him playing, and a load of highlight reels), he seems to be great in attack, but can be found missing in defence now and then. His tacklings not brilliant either, I mean as Schalk said, he went flying after his attempted tackle on Tuilagi (but then again, if someone the size of Vainikolo was swatted away, then what chance did Lamb have?. Anyway, I'd have thought Gloucester fans would like having a brilliant attacking fly half who's helped them have an over all decent season (despite the disapointment in the Heineken Quarter Final and the Guiness Premiership Play Off).
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