SA plans bad news for Sanzar

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by snoopy snoopy dog dog, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. Very interesting if there's any truth to it:

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    Assuming it's true, how would this pan out? My best guess is Australia gets it's 5th franchise, Japan gets a team (in the Aussie conference) and New Zealand provides 6 teams to a new Super 12 competition. You play teams in your own conference home and away and the other conference home or away followed by playoffs. South African teams (their 5 Super franchises plus the replacement for the Southern Spears) enter the Magners League at the expense of the 4 Welsh regions and the proposed two Italian entrants. The SA teams also enter the expanded Heineken Cup. The Welsh regions get their wish and link up with the Guinness Premiership. Italy is left high and dry. Argentina and the USA are given a commitment by South Africa, Scotland and Ireland to play more regularly against them at international level until their domestic competitions gain in strength.

    I don't see that happening because it leads to too much upheaval but South Africa eventually aligning themselves with the European season at the expense of their Sanzar rivals wouldn't surprise me in the long term due primarily to the similarily in timezones.
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  3. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Ah, the Sondag. Whenever there's off-the-wall speculation in SA the Sondag pops up. I'll hold my opinion until someone with some creditability speaks on the issue.
  4. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I take it the Sondag rivals the Western Mail or the Times for rampantly inaccurate rumour milling? :D
  5. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

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    Spot on Presty. Go through the 'South Africa' sub-forum and you'll see mounds of threads started due to their "shenanigans". The one that I'll always remember is when they claimed it was carved in stone that an Argentinian team was going to join the Currie Cup in 2009. Total BS :rolleyes:
  6. Woldog

    Woldog Guest

    If Japan ever enter the Super (whatever it is when they decided to enter) It will just be Australia, NZ and SA playing old Australian, NZ and SA players..... what's the point?, give Fiji a Franchise or something.
  7. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    South Africa still want to receive the 15th franchise... despite the fact that the new team will based in the Australian conference...

    SARU are just being dumb on that one...
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    In an ideal world, this is what needs to be done but seeing as South Africa brings in something like 65% of TV revenue to Super 14, if they pulled out there's no way Fiji could make up the shortfall. Unless Super 14/15 is strong financially we won't see a team based in the South Sea Islands. Japan, while nowhere near as developed in terms of rugby playing ability, provides the potential to open up a massive new TV market.

    A team based in Japan made up solely of Sanzar players wouldn't be of much interest to the locals there as you say. There would need to be some sort of quota of Japanese players in the team so the targeted supporters can invest emotionally in the team. If Australia (and a potential Japanese side) opens up it's franchises to more foreign players, that would be the best chance for players from Fiji, Samoa and Tonga to play regular Super rugby in the short term. It's not ideal but it could be the most workable solution based on both economic and playing factors.
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