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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Aeros, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Obviously this has not been announced yet, but this post can serve as a placeholder. (If this is the wrong place to post the team thread, apologies all round and a request for the mods to move it to the appropriate place). In the meantime, the probable team would be:

    1. Os du Randt
    2. John Smit
    3. CJ van der Linde
    4. Bakkies Botha
    5. Victor Matfield
    6. Schalk Burger
    7. Juan Smith
    8. Danie Rossouw
    9. Fourie du Preez
    10. Butch James
    11. Bryan Habana
    12. Francois Steyn
    13. Jaque Fourie
    14. JP Pietersen
    15. Percy Montgomery

    16. Gary Botha
    17. Gurthro Steenkamp
    18. Johann Muller
    19. Wikus van Heerden
    20. Ruan Pienaar
    21. Wynand Olivier
    22. Andre Pretorius

    With Schalk Burger possibly slotting in at #8 again. Goodness knows Danie Rossouw played like a damn fool at #8 last time. Also suspect doc Du Plessis won't be on the bench if CJ makes the team this week.
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  3. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    I think you`ve got Jake`s team spot-on there mate, except I think he`ll pick Doc Doep on the bench ahead of Guthro. So basically I think he`ll want 50/60 minutes of 110% scrummaging from Sir Os, followed by CJ moving over to loosehead, and Doc Doep coming on at tighthead.

    I`d actually prefer Bismarck on the bench too, and Wynand to die or something. And of course, a real no.8. Geez, we`re really missing Pierre Spies!
  4. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    I'm sure right about Doc Du Plessis going ahead of Guthro but I heard that Bismarck will replacing Gary on the bench (I think it was on Keo's site). I'm happy with both "replacements" on the bench, Du Plessis is a better scrummager than Guthro IMO. And Bismarck.. well, he's an OX!
  5. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Yeah, Bismarck on the bench would be good, and I have to agree with you - Wynand is just.... hm. How can I say this without sounding callous. Pathetic? Yes. Pathetic sounds good.

    Our #8 spot is also a problem, like you said. I almost want to wager that Schalk Burger is a better #8 than Rossouw, but he does struggle in the odd scrum - this could be a dealbreaker in the Argentina match. There are rumours of Skinstad coming in as #8, but eh. Might turn out alot worse than either Burger or Rossouw.

    Either way, the official team gets announced today, so will update this thread once we know.
  6. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    UPDATED: Official SA team for SA vs Argentina:


    15 Percy Montgomery
    14 JP Pietersen
    13 Jaque Fourie
    12 Francois Steyn
    11 Bryan Habana
    10 Butch James
    9 Fourie du Preez
    8 Danie Rossouw
    7 Juan Smith
    6 Schalk Burger
    5 Victor Matfield
    4 Bakkies Botha
    3 CJ van der Linde
    2 John Smit
    1 Os du Randt


    16 Bismarck du Plessis
    17 Jannie du Plessis
    18 Johann Muller
    19 Bob Skinstad
    20 Ruan Pienaar
    21 Andre Pretorius
    22 Wynand Olivier
  7. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Will the SA forwards be equipped with cattle prods to:

    1) Tazer Montgomery if he suddenly goes AWOL like he did against Fiji
    2) Prod the rest of the backs if they start doing crazy stuff like throw quick line outs to a team mate standing in the SA try area?
  8. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    The bench will probably do the difference.
    Argies are very limited.
    (Always fun to see so many French name on SA squad)
  9. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    1) I hope so.
    2) Likewise, except I'd recommend something more severe for such stupidity.

    French names maybe, but those guys' families have been in South Africa for atleast 4 generations. "Joubert", "De Villiers" etc are very common Afrikaans names.
  10. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    1) I hope so.
    2) Likewise, except I'd recommend something more severe for such stupidity.[/b][/quote]

    The backs have it in them to pull off some spectacular stuff, they need the older forwards to keep them in line and help them keep a level head. As long as there is a grumpy Afrikaaner slapping Steyn and co round the back of the head everything should be fine.

    French names maybe, but those guys' families have been in South Africa for atleast 4 generations. "Joubert", "De Villiers" etc are very common Afrikaans names.

    Thats because allot of Huguenots 'emigrated' (i.e. hounded, chased and burnt out of France) to South Africa. Before that they fled to England, hence why there are allot of French sounding names amongst the British in the South East of England and the major port cities because that is where they settled. Allot of them also went to Ireland, served with William of Orange and as a result got allot of land given to them (after being taken from the original owners of course) and as a result assumed a fair bit of power. However, usually, they get cunningly disguised as evil Englishmen by the IRA but, meh, what can you do.

    Anyway, historical detour ende! Back to the team talk!
  11. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    Nice, thx for the historical precision!
    The most part of them have have been phonetically written.
    Durand -> du Randt
    Dupré -> du Preez
    Rousseau - > Rossouw
  12. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Yeah definitely phonetically written. It happened in the UK where francophone names slowly aquired an Anglo Saxon look and feel to them.

    In South Africa, with the strong Dutch, German and Scandinavian influences, it is inevitable that under a loose system of name registration, surnames will start to gradually gain a different look & feel.
  13. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Yup, like Prestwick said. Originated from the Huguenots, but strong German and especially Dutch influences changed the spelling and pronounciation of the names.
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