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SA vs Manu Samoa



The Boks open their campaign against a pretty tricky opponent- Manu Samoa, two-times quarter-finalists at the RWC themselves. The Boks are not taking the challenge posed by the Manu lightly, and have decided to go in with a full-strength side. Might be a bit of a risk, especially with De Villiers just returning from a rib injury, and the Samoans being known for their bone-crunching tackles. Especially the Chiropractor himself.

Bok squad for this game: Percy Montgomery, JP Pietersen, Jacque Fourie, Jean De Villiers, Bryan Habana, Butch James, Fourie Du Preez, Danie Rossouw, Juan Smith, Schalk Burger, Victor Matfield, Schalk Burger, CJ V D Linde, John Smit© Sir Os Du Randt.

Reserves: Bismarck Du Plessis, BJ Botha, Johann Muller, Wikus Van Heerden, Turd January, Andre Pretorius, Frans Steyn.

While the Boks should take it pretty comfortably, the Manu poses not only a helluva physical challenge, with numbers 1-15 all being willing and able to make them bone-crunching tackles. And they`ve also got plenty of pace, power and flair all around the park. Just have a look at a certain Centsus Johnson, running like a gazelle and making huge side-steps, even though he`s a tighthead prop. But you can`t play without the ball, and the Bok pack should comfortably dominate possession and terrirory, allowing the likes of Du Preez to thrive with time on the ball.

Manu teamsheet and predictions please.
Bok squad for this game: Percy Montgomery, JP Pietersen, Jacque Fourie, Jean De Villiers, Bryan Habana, Butch James, Fourie Du Preez, Danie Rossouw, Juan Smith, Schalk Burger, Victor Matfield, Schalk Burger, CJ V D Linde, John Smit© Sir Os Du Randt.


well goodenss, I know he gets arround the park a lot, but surely he can't be in 2 places at the same time :p

I'm going for Boks by 30 too on this one, full strenth side and all that, but what you say about deviliers is very true. I don't want him getting a ****le that'll hamper him throughout the rest of the tournament.

But then against samoa, -anyone- stands the chance of getting a good bruising so what happens happens I suppse.

got nothing on the Samoa side, I'll go look arround.
Well, there is no Anitele'a Tuilagi and no Filipo Levi (Super 14's). Both ruled out.

I think Manu Samoa will probably look to salvage this game.. not go all out to beat the Boks.. i don't think they will without a heavy price, so i'm sure of a boks win, but maybe in the region of 20-7 or something like that. The best Manu can hope for is a draw, and they don't lose too many key players.

As was said, Samoa will dominate you physically, but possession is key and they might struggle to get possession from SA.

Don't think Samoa will turnover many lineouts, but what they will do is give you a good beating, literally and that is a worry for SA.

I think Samoa will play smart in this one, just try to keep the score down and get a strong line-up to tackle England, who look much weaker and vulnerable.

The rest should academic.. but don't rule out the Tonga effect.. they are possibly the biggest bruisers of the 3 islander teams, and will lose heavily but you'll lose players too.

I think SA to top the group, and Samoa to edge England and get a QF place.
Samoa: 15 David Lemi, 14 Lome Fa'atau, 13 Gavin Williams, 12 Jerry Meafou, 11 Alesana Tuilagi, 10 Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu, 9 Junior Polu, 8 Henry Tuilagi, 7 Semo Sititi ©, 6 Daniel Leo, 5 Kane Thompson, 4 Joe Tekori, 3 Census Johnston, 2 Mahonri Schwalger, 1 Justin Va'a.

Replacements: 16 Tanielu Fuga, 17 Kas Lealamanua, 18 Alfie Vaeluaga, 19 Justin Purdie, 20 Elvis Seveali'i, 21 Loki Crichton, 22 Brian Lima.
dont think you guys are a whole lot more physical than us, maybe a little more, but not enough for it to be a factor on the game. might affect injuries though
The legendary Chiropractor himself on the bench? Well that`s good news for De Villiers` bruised ribs. Although Meafou ain`t no slouch when it comes to making them big hits either.

Tuilagi on Pietersen- 2 big, fast blokes of 100kg+ going at each other ( in a manly, heterosexual way!), should be good to watch. But overall, the Boks should take it out from the set phases really. You can`t play without the ball. I`ll stick my neck out for a Bok win by 40 points.
thats abit of a shock seeing loki chrichton on the bench unless michael jones is trying to prevent him from injury...devastated to here about filipo levi, he is definetly a big loss..all the best to samoa!
I think the Bokke will have to much fire power for Samoa.

I'm with BOKean they are not more physical then us or at least in some positions.

So long as the Bokke don't play like England they will be fine

Samoa is not the USA. Samoa will finish of moves and score try's unlike the USA against England

Good luck Bokke!!!
Man playing not playing Crichton at 10 is a surprising call, the Samoan backline barely functions when he's there, when he's not it can be pretty disastrous.
I know exactly what the boks will do in this game and I can sum it up in 1 word. MAUL!!!!
Yup just like last time they are going to maul the Samoans to death, island teams do not have the organisation or technique to stop rolling mauls and the SAFs are some of the best in the business. God I can't wait for the new laws which will allow mauls to be collapsed, a new day will dawn on Pacific Island rugby :p
Anyway SAF will adopt its basic tactics, long raking kicks which the Samoans cannot return (as their kickers are average at best) followed by a highly pressured lineout. Immediately after winning/stealing lineout it's, you guessed it, MAUL TIME.
By the time the 2nd half rolls around the Samoan pack should be just about dead from exhaustion combating the mauls and then the SAF will spread it wide and the backline will look brilliant scoring tries, when in reality all the hard work was done for them by the forwards and they are now running at a bunch of deflated tires.
The only way Samoa can minimise this sort of gameplay from the boks is to maintain possession for long long periods, something they are notoriously poor at.
So if Samoa can keep the difference less than 40 I'll be happy. I am hoping so much that they will prove me wrong, but looking at the lineup it seems like a pretty weak team they are fielding.
I hope Samoa don't let South Africa get over 50 and I hope they manage a few tries, and some big hits! I'm also hoping they knock off England...
If i was the legend Michael Jones, i'd play it like this..

It is the opener against SA and realistically, having never beat SA at any stage a SA win is inevitable by at least 20 points in the best possile scenario.

Samoa will compete inch for inch, but as Ozzy said.. SA are a different class and play to their strengths and i would be very happy with a 48-10 scoreline with no injuries.

This game is a gimme for SA, as are probably the rest in their Pool, so for Samoa.. it is time to field a 'weaker' team with a few second choicers like Meafou, Poleluliagaga and Sapolu for the experience.

Samoa will likely beat Tonga and USA, and will see the England game as the game they must throws all their guns at. It''s a do or die situation.

All Samoa can really do is run the ball and be physical, and SA will absorb most of the pressure and as Ozzy said, will counter after the manu start to tire after continued mauling and possession.

This doesn't happen in the sevens, where as Samoa prove.. a bit of space is all they need to punch about their weight against SA.

Samoa will take a hit today but will not lose heart. They can't lose heart.. the games get easier from today, and they have a very good chance of finishing 3-1 or 2-2.. and i did read that the 3rd placed teams in this RWC will qualify for the 2011 automatically.

If that is the case, then it's already a truimph.

It would just be nice to see a flattened springbok, Lima style.
My southern hemisphere rugby isn't the most educated rugby aspect i possess, but we all remember Lima against DeVilliers...and Lima against loads of other people.
The big hits are a national tradition for manu samoa...i will be encouraging this kind of play once again.
(Any misspelling of names in this thread by me I apologize for)

Samoa score a simple try, SA switched off, the match was a bit iffy up till then, all brawn no brain, and then South Africa miss I think about 5 tackles on the same man.

9-7 to Samoa, Gavin Williams with the try by the way.

Leicester's Tuilangi has looked poor.
Samoa get themselves a cracking try as South Africa were caught napping. Lovely move.

SA 9 - 7 Samoa
Good ol' Shalk Burger! Time to crack open the vodka and the beer and play the "Shalk Burger drinking game!"

Remember, every time Shalk gets pinged, down a shot. Every time he gets binned, down a pint!

Burger is a superb player but he does have the tendency to do some stupid things...such as clotheslining Samoan number nines in the middle of the up and under...

Lemy once again shows the world that the South African wingers can only do the "run forward very fast" thing but not the "playing rugby" thing...
Samoa's players are too aggressive, the penalties will cost them the game.
I'm loving this World Cup so far. Asides from the Australia and New Zealand matches yesterday, all the lower tier teams are stepping up. It's making the quality much better and helping the tournament immensely as many argue that they're tired of seeing teams being beaten by 50 odd points every day.

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