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Sack Gareth Jenkins - Petition



I've always said petitions were useless in the past but still, what else can we do.

Bleh Its To Early for This if they lose To Argentina im deffinately signing
I don't believe he will be in charge after the world cup - Nor should he.

Should never have been appointed in the first place, but we can't sack him this close to the world cup.
I would rather see his coaching staff replaced first. Under better coaching staff, he could be good. Then again, he is the one who brought them as his coaching staff.
This is getting too familier to be true. The year before the world cup Wales go completely off the rails and Welsh fans protest in the streets. The coach feels the pressure; discontent is rising amongst the players.

And then, BOOM! The world cup comes along and no matter how hard they try to get rid of the coach they just seem to keep scoring and playing well. The coach seems better and proceeds to win a 6N, before the players then move to oust the guy hogging the limelight. Meanwhile everyone hails the support staff but none of them want it. Then they hire any willing welsh coach available (and if there's no welsh an antipodean) before repeating the cycle.

As for the petition wait til the World Cup's over. No need to pressure him now, he's not getting sacked in a week. Give him your faith for one shot and then turn on him with your pitchforks and burning oil if you need to.

Crikey it's so much better in england where you just expect your coach to be shite.
I agree with Master Pain. They've had 18 games to prove their worth, they haven't. So the next best thing to sacking Gareth Jenkins is to completely hire a new coaching staff. Get the very best specialists availible. Preferably ones who have ample knowledge and experience with the SH game. People who will take the best from SH rugby and introduce something else. As for the current coaching staff, they need to decamp to the SH and get a thorough crash course in coaching. Might stop them from going on the **** with the "boys".

Yes the world cup isn't over and we should judge him on it as he requested. Although with recent form it doesn't look great and I can't see another '2003' happening because of the inept coaching. Hansen et al at least instilled something new in the team.

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