Sad day for SA Sevens

Discussion in 'IRB Sevens, World Cup & Premiership 7s' started by Steve-o, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

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    Terrible news. He was very prominent in the Sevens this year and looked to have a long career on the Sevens circuit. Get well Vuyo.
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  3. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    Really sad news, especially after South Africa's triumph in the Sevens series. I hope he gets well.
    What's even stranger is he's the second Sevens player to be hit by a car this year, an Australian Sevens player who I think played for the Brumbies too was killed after he was hit by a car a few months ago. Terrible loss of life :/
  4. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    I dunno if he was hit by a car or was in a car crash, probably the latter. I don't its strange or bares any relation to Shawn Mackay's accident. South African roads are dangerous and we've had players die before on our roads before. Most notably Francois Swart & Etienne Botha.
  5. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    Ah I see. I didn;t mean that they were linked in any way, I just found it strange that it just happened to be two sevens players in paticular in such a short space of time.
  6. alexrugby

    alexrugby Guest

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    Really bad news really bad and sorry for that guy
  7. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Yeah, sad news.. but he can still play. You would be amazed at how talented some 'disabled' athletes can be. Losing an eye is obviously going to make a big impact, but unless he has poor vision in his remaining one, he would still be able to play.. it could be much much worse, he could be severely disabled. Is there a 'disabled' rugby world cup?

    There used to be a one-eyed soccer player at my local club, Steve Portway. Absolute legend. He went on to score like 200+ goals in his time there playing with 50% vision.. yeah it wasn't the top division of soccer but if he had a disadvantage, it never really showed he just developed his game around 50% vision. In fact you could argue it helps, because having 2 eyes means you get two different viewpoints, whereas with one, you just get the one which might make you more accurate with the co-ordination.

    Besides, if he has a glass eye.. no-one will be sure which way he's planning to run anyway!

    *joke* don't kill me.
  8. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    Fa'atau82 i find that offensive <_< <_< <_< <_<

    joke :p.

    RIP to his 1 eye i hope he can play again.

    did anyone hear about this black dude who had know eyes from extroadinary people used sound to navigate around the rugby player could do this :)
  9. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    Very sad news, saw a few matches this year where he featured very well. The main thing is that it wasn't any worse, but it's sad to loose such a talent (and by the sounds of it, a nice guy) from the sport. I'm sure rugby would be a hard sport to play with only one eye, as his sense of depth would be seriously affected.

    @ steyn: Yeh, watched that episode. He used a type of sonar to navigate, making clicking sounds like dolphins.
  10. steynboi

    steynboi Guest

    maybe he can be taught that in one eye but i think he has enough vision to see half of what 2 visions would be so he would have to be alot more aware since its kinda blacked out.

    Sadly the guy ben underwood passed away the last few months :(
  11. ubolt

    ubolt Guest

    I don't believe it has to much to do with the roads or traffic in SA, you'll find most of these guys have accidents late at night after being out partying. Same thing happened with the Bulls star player Etienne Botha a few years back also Bob Skinstad coming back from a night out injured his knee which he never recovered from fully. Very sad, trust he recovers well.
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