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Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by QLD, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. QLD

    QLD Guest

    Well I think its about time they introduced a salary cap into the S14 - The Crusaders winning it 7 times from 13 seasons is proof that we need one!
    Only 4 teams have won it in S14 history.

    No wonder fans are losing interest in S14, its too predictable, the Crusaders dominance is not fun for everyone. Its gonna keep happening for years to come if the dingbats at sanzar dont do anything about it. They keep even work out a finals format!
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  3. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    It's all relevant i suppose. Michael Schumacher won F1 all the time. I kept thinking how on earth can people still watch when the outcome is inevitable... Same thing with Valentino Rossi in MotoGP, or Pete Sampras in tennis. The list goes. We just don't have anything better to do than hope and have faith i guess...
  4. QLD

    QLD Guest

    It's starting to become just like the English Premier League in poofball - which is not good.
  5. Hall

    Hall Guest

    I'm no expert on this but doesn't the English super league have a salary cap? That's still dominated by the same couple of teams each year.

    Perhaps a draft system like they have in the NFL would work? The worst teams get first pick from the university players etc'.

    I don't know how that would work out but its just a suggestion.
  6. gho

    gho Guest

    I think the ESL is in the process of adding a salary cap, so the effects will only be seen in a few years. I think the cap would be good, if the australian teams were more competative more often i think many league fans would start watching union.
  7. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    The SL already does have a salary cap which is based on the clubs turnover (x% of their income or something like that) and has had it in place for years.

    The salary cap however doesn't allow for much except for holding clubs back against their foreign rivals. And Even then, that apparently doesn't have much difference; The Premiership clubs have a wage cap for all players and coaching staff of £2.5m apparently, the idea being to stop one team running away with it. However, the same few teams always finish top and RFU nepotism always puts Wasps in the final.
  8. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Essentially what Mite is saying is that the Salary Cap prevents Keith Barwell from achieving his quest on making sure everyone, from tea lady to full-back is imported from outside of Northamptonshire.

    And what I am saying is that the Salary Cap prevents Nigel Wray and his shadowy backers at the Vodacom Blue Bulls buying every player in South Africa which his FAT WADS OF RAAAAAND!

    Salary caps are good in theory but you need to have a good coaching team with a keen eye for talent. Also, having a decent youth academy program helps. Love them or hate them, Wasps operate on a smaller budget than that or Saints or Sarries and yet have acheived far more on far more meagre means.

    Just goes to show, we obviously need a cap on money spent on match fixing! :lol:
  9. bates

    bates Guest

    I agree with old Prestwick on this.
    If I'm not mistaken most of the players of a S14 team are from the area/ state of where the team is situated.
    You can't blame talent to grow faster on place than another place ( sorry for the crappy sentence).
    Off course the Crusaders will buy decent players to have the best team in the league. But the Coach also plays a huge rol in the picture.

    I support the Chiefs and they have decent players, a couple of All Blacks etc...
    But every year the finish Top 8, why?
    Because they don't have that little extra to win more and important games. Would their situation change if the top 4 S14 would have a salary cap?
    I don't know to be honest.

    I completely understand your frustration, but I see this as an extra motivation for the other teams to continue their investment in the youth, their own team and one day a new champ will stand up. It 's like in Baskettball, in the 80' s You had Magic vs Bird, 90's the Jordan area and now The Spurs, Lakers and Celtics;
  10. BLR

    BLR Guest

    Null point, Crusaders are kings of player development, why shouldn't they keep them? QLD can't manage to keep any of their players so that's their problem.
  11. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (BLR @ Nov 29 2008, 08:07 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    That is actually one of the two reasons why Crusaders has nothing to do with money.  That and their fine coaching philosophies...they have a culture of excellence and team before individual rugby.

    The NZRFU is too poor to even think about a salary cap...the money they get from News Ltd is pretty much lunch money.  This is why players who can't make it into the AB' leave in their droves to the north.  Even then the money up north is pitiful compared to what they get is soccer.
  12. yeah im with gg. a salary cap would simply kill sh rugby. theres simply not enough money to make it far. i assume that aust has the biggest acconomy so they would be all for, but i dont think that union is popular enough still...

    its a tricky situation, and as much as i hate to say it, but spitting canturbury into two teams might be the best idea, like what league has done with sydney (to an extent) expand the s14, to something like, auckland, auckland b/south... waikato, wellington, canturbury, canturbury b/south and otago. the thing to remember is like now, auckland doesnt even have the strength to feild one team. so it cant be that vs how aust and sa current teams. it all needs to be disected and put back in a competative manner.
  13. QLD

    QLD Guest

    Just get rid of the SA teams and have an Aus/NZ 10 team comp would be a great idea.
  14. gho

    gho Guest

    I totally agree, south africa doesnt fit well with aus/nz. They're time zone is too far out, they are too far away and couldn't agree with aus and nz over the expanded finals. They should make there own league with argentina and namibia

    I would like to see at least 6 australian teams (so that adelaide [my home town] would get a team alongside melbourne and the existing 4). While nz could support 100 teams with playing quality, i think they would be stretching it financially to support more than 6 teams. Rugby union is saturated in nz, and cant really get much bigger or get more money out of the community. 6 teams for 4 million people should be the most they could handle. along with these 12 teams add one from japan and another from the pacific islands and we have a nice competition.
  15. BLR

    BLR Guest

    The Saffas, like it or not, make Super rugby viable, huge crowds, huge interest and plenty of revenue. In Australia rugby is about the 5th highest sport and New Zealand is too small to make much revenue, especially with the less then astounding crowds this year.

    If we ditch the Saffas we ditch the future of top class rugby in the South.
  16. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    The Crusaders won't be as dominant as they've been in the past now that Deans is leaving. I'm sure the new coach is no slouch but I'll be very surprised if they win it again next season. They still have a great team but with the departure of a few experienced heads and DC, they'll struggle imo.
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