Sale Sharks V Brive

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by SecondRow04, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Sale: Ben Foden, Mark Cueto, Chris Bell, Lee Thomas, Oriol Ripol, Luke McAlister, Richard Wigglesworth, Andrew Sheridan, Sebastien Bruno, Eifion Roberts, Dean Schofield, Sean Cox, Jason White (Captain), Magnus Lund, Sebastien Chabal

    Replacements: Scott Lawson, Terry Sigley, Ignacio Fernandez Lobbe, Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe, Will Cliff, Charlie Hodgson, Julien Laharrague


    15 Alexis Palisson
    14 Farid Sid
    13 Fabrice Estebanez
    12 Ronnie Cooke
    11 Filimine Bolavucu
    10 Maxime Petitjean
    9 Grégory Mahe
    1 Luke Harbut
    2 Jean-Philippe Bonrepaux
    3 Andres Bordoy
    4 Johan Van Zyl (capt)
    5 Vickus Liebenberg
    6 Charl Van Rensburg
    7 Jerome Bonvoisin
    8 Simon Azoulai
    16 Jawad Djoudi
    17 Kevin Buys
    18 Fabien Domingo
    19 Vincent Forgues
    20 Damien Neveu
    21 Luciano Orquera
    22 Norman Ligairi

    Half time score Sale 21 - 12 Brive

    quite a firery start from sale but last 20mins of first half they havnt really dominated as much as they should.

    brive contesting everything but giving a few penalties away.
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  3. Sir Speedy

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    28 - 12 after good play from Mcalister and Ripol, where a forward crossed from less than a metre. Game over now, I think.
  4. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Did anyone else here some random guy shout "They are gaaay"as the camera moved past after Brive scored that try. random and stupid.
  5. SecondRow04

    SecondRow04 Guest

    lmao yeh i herd that, he was singing earlier!

    Final score 49 - 24

    sale kept their cool and some fine play from McAlister made this match easier for sale. A great signing we have here!
  6. Where was Lamont? :ranting:







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