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Sale v Paris - Pool 3


An Tarbh

Well this one has the makings of the match of the weekend, given the performance that Sale put in in Paris they will be full of confidence going into this one, despite their numerous injuries.

Paris won't be travelling with a full complement either since they lost Dominici until the New Year, Sale won't be too dissappointed that he won't be playing at Edgley Park given his twinkle toe antics last week.

If Sale can build on their second half performance, cut out the defensive errors then a surprise might be on the cards in this one.
Paris leave Sale with a bp but Sale get the win and are just about alive in this pool, need a big favour from the Ospreys now. OK Lora, Ospreys are now well placed to go through, still an ask but well placed nonetheless.

Sale owe a lot to Nigel Owens, let Sale away with murder at times.

Seriously though for Sale these injuries really are taking the ****, how many more can they take.
So long as Seabass doesn't get injured, it doesn't look as if Sale will need any other players... He's making a good attempt of winning every game single handedly ATM, and somehow managing it! I almost ****** myself when he teased that tap-and-go! :lol:
I can't believe those ******** won! I just got through watching the match. Chabal is a very impressive number 8.
If Chabal isn't in the 6N then I despair of French rugby. He's almost as strong as Darcy!

Has Bergamasco any idea how to offload in the tackle?

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