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Sales bargains


St Helens RLFC

The Orange Box - £12 when trading in 4 old PS2 games I haven't used in 18 months.

Mass Effect - £19.98 in Gamestation.

Beat that.
Haven't brought it yet, but I am considering it...

However I got COD:4 for £24.99 before Christmas...
Do I detect the Mite is not impressed? [/b]

I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, but it was just too damn short (I completed it in one sitting FFS!). Anything that can make Halo 3's back of a fag packet single player mode look like an epic or War and Piece proportions is sadly far too short. Plus the multiplayer mode is shite.

It's a great game, but it's also over far too soon.
Once, wasn't a patch on the Halo multiplayer for out-and-out fun. It's all too serious like Battlefield or Counterstrike.
Perhaps you need me and Nick and Matt to roll in and make it fun? We all need to grab a copy of The Orange Box for Team Fortress 2. I did anyway!

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