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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by ws4life, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Samoa Rugby World Cup squad:

    Forwards: Census Johnston (Saracens, UK), Justin Va'a (Glasgow Warriors, UK), Kasiano Lealamanua (Dax, France), Donald Kerslake (Vaiala, Samoa), Mahonri Schwalger (Hurricanes, NZ), Muliufi Salanoa (Scopa, Samoa), Silao Vaisolasefo (Alhambra, NZ), Filipo Levi (Ricoh, Japan), Kane Thompson (Wests, NZ), Iosefa Fekori (Auckland, NZ), Daniel Leo (London Wasps, UK), Henry Tuilagi (UK), Siu Lafaialii (Yokogawa, Japan), Semo Setiti (Docomo, Japan), Ulia Ulia (Marist, Samoa), Justin Purdie (Wellington, NZ).

    Backs: Steven So'oialo (Harlequins, UK), Junior Poluleuligaga (North Harbour, NZ), Loki Crichton (Worcester, UK), Lolo Lui (Moataa, Samoa), Seilala Mapusua (London Irish, UK), Eliota Sapolu Fuimaono (Bath, UK), Jerry Meafou (Scopa, Samoa), Elvis Sevealii (Sale, UK), Anitelea Tuilagi (Leeds Tykes, UK), Brian Lima (Bristol, UK), David Lemi (Bristol, UK), Lome Fa'atau (Glasgow Warriors, UK), Alesana Tuilagi (Leicester, UK), Gavin Williams (Ponsonby, NZ).

    Pretty decent squad. Should prove to be competitive come world cup time.

    My starting XV

    1 Justin Va'a

    2 Mahonri Scwhalger

    3 Cencus Johnston

    4 Dan Leo

    5 Felipo Levi

    6 Justin Purdie

    7 Semo Setiti

    8 Henry Tuilagi

    9 Steve So'oaialo

    10 Loki Crichton

    11 Alesena Tuilagi

    12 Brian Lima

    13 Seilala Mapasua

    14 Lome Fa'atau

    15 Gavin Williams
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  3. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Is Tagicakibau injured? No room for Bristol's Alfie To'oala? I ake it Fekori is Joe Tekori?

    I would have Lemi ahead of Lome. A couple of surprise names in there, but good to see Lui and Meafou from the sevens.
  4. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Yeh Tekori , I cut n paste from planet-rugby so blame them :p . Tagicakibau and To'oala are in the standby group of players if anyone is injured along with the notable others such as Tamato Leupolu, Fosi Pala'amo, Jonathan Fa'amatuainu, Pelu Pevihi, Daniel Farani, John Senio, Uele Mai, and Roger Warren.
  5. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    One thing that disappoints me about Fa'atau is his weakness in defence, he doesn't make that tackle which results as a huge gain for the opposition. But on attack when he's given space to run, he can be dangerous and that's about the best thing he can produce.

    Yes and it is great to see a couple of sevens players in there in the likes of Lui and Meafou. Both were outstanding whenever they played on the field. Meafou would definitely make a big impact in the backs with his hard running attacking abilities. He's rock hard. ;) ...and maybe Lui could be Samoa's very own drop kicking master. :p
  6. Tin

    Tin Guest

    disappointed alfie tooala isnt in the squad as he has had a really good season at bristol, nice to see lemi there and will be hoping he has the same affect he has at bristol for samoa, just not against england please :p
  7. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    WOOOW :) ... very strong squad indeed, but I am quite surprised (like most of you) as to the omission of To'oala. I thought he would have been a shoe-in considering his form for Bristol and for the Manu in the Pac 5 tournament. Guess, Iceman thought otherwise.

    If there is one place Samoa is strong at, it's the second row - Levi, Leo, Tekori, Thompson & Lafaiali'i. Got the size, experience and 'ardness to compete against the Boks big pack.

    I would go with this Starting XV:

    1. Justin Va'a, 2. Mahonri Schwalger, 3. Census Johnstone, 4. Kane Thompson, 5. Daniel Leo, 6. Semo Setiti, 7. Ulia Ulia, 8. Henry Tuilagi, 9. Steven So'oialo, 10. Loki Crichton, 11. Brian Lima, 12. Elvis Seveali'i, 13. Seilala Mapusua, 14. Lome Fa'atau, 15. Gavin Williams.
  8. candybum

    candybum Guest

    all i can say is Lima you legend! 5th world cup, 16 (?) years playing international rugby, thats legendary!! lol Full praises man
  9. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    +1 Broken English centre.
  10. scuubasteve

    scuubasteve Guest

    Samoa must be a possibility for a Quarter (at England or South Africa's expense of course). But I guess the surprise factor of previous world cups has diminished somewhat, as it doesn't take a genius to recognise the very strong squad of players they have assembled. Hopefully they find some better form than in the Pacific 6 nations.

    By the way, Samoas new Puma jerseys are as awesome as the team.

    Integrated Tatua and a better effort at new numbering style than those of Adidas. Seriously considering a purchasing a jersey ahead of the WC!
  11. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I have one and i can tell you they are nice. The tatau are very cool.
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    some familar names that play in nz. shouldn't they be in the all blacks though becaues everyone knows nz steals all the island talent right it couldn't possibly have anything to do with a players choice now would it.
  13. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Here's to Samoa turning Jonny into a tap dancing, shivering wreck again.
  14. mimic

    mimic Guest

    Funny that, considering most of the players in that Samoan team are playing in the UK.
  15. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Chunk of Former NPC and Super 14 Players in there though, to go with the NZ Based Players already there.
  16. SPIDER18

    SPIDER18 Guest

    half of samoas team is born in or live in NZ. go ahead and name the players in the nz sqaud you feel are stolen i think you'll find only three aren't born in nz. check your facts before you make silly generalisations.
  17. esoj

    esoj Guest

    it's called a sense of humour. that post was aimed at the NH posters that claim the abs steal all the island talent etc.
  18. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Samoa and NZ seem to share the players, with players going both ways. Pat Lam and Lome Fa'atau are both NZ i think and it swings the other way with Masoe and Collins etc. The only thing is that you can say the samoan AB's are 'better' players because of the opportunities that are open to them once they go to NZ rugby.

    Sure there are a few samoans in the AB's, but some of the Samoans shouldnt be in their team either if it is purely based on where you was BORN.

    It doesn't detract that samoa has probably their strongest ever WC squad and may even emulate 1991. I don't rate England at all at the moment and i think Samoa can beat England, but it will be very tough.
  19. mimic

    mimic Guest

    Strongest ever? 91 still is the strongest IMO.
    Matthew Vaea was rubbish though.
  20. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Nah I think this squad looks their best ever, will it b enough for a quarter final berth? Only time will tell. Good luck boiz, go hard and make us Proud. GO THE MANU CHEEEHOOOO!!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  21. titokuwaru

    titokuwaru Guest

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