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Samoa vs Tonga



bad luck fa'atau ....i think that michael jones did not underestimate the tongans however alot of the samoans did...and also maybhe the passion for the victory was not their as the commentators sed that maybe samoa were not concentrating on the game more on the game ahead against england

however....congratulations to the ikale tahi a much deserved win!!! stoked i cant believe that they have 2 wins so far...lets hope samoa and tonga beat england!!!

just on the hale t-pole sending off ....i thought thta was a bit harsh considereing he was just clearing out in the ruck against Leo Lafaiali'i?? and the previous warning was actually meant to be against paino hehea not hale t-pole...just hoping to god that he is not suspended!


:( Im very dissapointed at the outcome of this match. Im glad i didnt watch it and i dont plan on watching the replay
This is what i feel like doing right now while im typing this
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That is hilarious. From the side, he looks like the fat kid who dances around maniclywith his skinny friend to the tune of Numa Numa. :D

The funny part was when he was screaming "I don't need help!"


Yeah I agree with you T.Rugby, we were to busy worrying about how we were gonna beat England and got a rude awakening against our arch rivals, who we thought would be tough but beatable. So congrats to the Tongan team and I hope they beat England as well.


Yeah we definatly seemed they lacked passion from the offset. The Tonganz however looked very motivated from the begining, I heard Latu told his boyz before the game to "Get ready to die for Tonga". Owell, next stop In-gu-land!

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