Samoan players not eligible to play for Samoa

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by samoan_stallion, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Actually not too sure about John Leo'o and Nick Williams opting to play for NZ, but neither are in the Samoa squad, so I just assumed. If the IRB laws were flexible, Samoa would definitely be force to be reckoned with.

    1 John Schwalger

    3 John Afoa

    4 Ross Filipo


    6 Jerome Kaino

    7 Johnny Leo’o

    8 Nick Williams/Mose Tuiali’i

    9 Kevin Senio

    10 Tasesa Lavea

    11 Rudi Wulf

    12 Ma'a Nonu

    13 Casey Laulala

    14 Soseni Anesi

    15 Ben Atiga
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  3. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Isnt Tasesa Lavea eligible??? Thats n awesome list of players. The only one I can think of who said he wished he was eligbly so he could play for the manu Is Leo'o.
  4. Not too sure how it works now, a few years back it was if you played an international for a country you couldn't play for another country. I think they've changed it, so that you have to state which country you choose to make yourself available for, and are bound to that, so maybe that's what Tasesa did.

    Am just guessing ..
  5. ws4life

    ws4life Guest

    Well, I thought that Lavea is eligible but holding out because of a better contract offer playing Super 14 with the chiefs bounding him to be contracted to New Zealand and thus only bieng eligible for the all blacks unless accepting a lesser paying contract.
  6. Isn't Leo'o Maori?
  7. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    (This is for the benefit of any Northerners who might rush in here and make themselves look foolish with cries of ZOMG!!11! P0@ch!Ng! - I'm looking at you Prestwick and Smokeymonkey)

    Afoa, Filipo, Leo'o, Williams, Tuali'i, Senio, Lavea, Nonu, Wulf and Atiga were born in NZ. Kaino moved to NZ when he was 4 and hasn't been back to Samoa since.
  8. hamo

    hamo Guest

    K guys just clearing up all the talk on Lavea, he is eligible to play for Manu Samoa which he intended to do... however he suffered a bruised heart earlier this year. What a pity as this would have allowed him and loki chrichton to vie for the fly half spot and Lolo Lui to be a full-time full back with Gavin Williams.

    Neway i was at the game between Samoa and Tonga and f*** they played so well, that game i will not forget the 50-3 rooting.
  9. hamo

    hamo Guest

    Would you put your life on it?
    England is way out of shape. They went downhill after the last WC, and they don't seem to be coming back soon. All Samoa needs is a bit of luck, and to get the ball out of the scrums. England will just kick it away.

    I agree with you.

    If we consider recent performances by both teams against SA i think it would be safe to say that this matchup will definitely come down to the wire.

    SA 55-10 ENG (SA HOME)

    SA 36-12 ENG? (SA HOME)

    SA-B 35-8 SAMOA (SA HOME)

    Despite Samoa playing the B team, a lot of things were against them. They just finished three games against FIJ JAB AUS(A) in the southern hemisphere, which means they had to travel a long way to play SA-B at their home grounds- jet lag a factor.

    Another thing is the Samoan team had the flu during that match which could be cancelled out with England having stomach bug.

    Now im not sure if this SA-B team was the same team which travelled to Australia and NZ for the tri nations deciders, but they nearly upset the wallabies and the all blacks experience was telling, better performances than anyone would have imagined.

    I think England's schedule is to play Wales and France a month before the world cup, so these games will be an indicator. Samoa has just come off a 50-3 slaughtering of Tonga, and they head of to the UK to play Leicester, Sale and another English club.

    ENGLAND key players for this matchup - The forwards, Wilko, JasonRobinson

    SAMOA key players for this MU- Loki Chricton, Alesana Tuilagi, Census Jonstone, Gavin Williams
  10. kyryllo

    kyryllo Guest

    Exactly, those players aren't Samoans, they are New Zealanders of samoan ethnicity.
  11. hamo

    hamo Guest

    Exactly, those players aren't Samoans, they are New Zealanders of samoan ethnicity.


    Wrong, regardless of some of them being born in NZ or not they would class themselves as Samoans living in New Zealand or Samoan New Zealanders. All of these guys are 100% Samoan :wall: and will tell you that they are Samoan even though they were born in NZ.

    You are right one part and that is where political correctness plays its part, when they sign their contracts for the AB they will say they own a NZ passport and they are "New Zealander", but really they are Samoans living in NZ. NZ doesn't even have main ethnicity, well apart from the Maoris and Europeans which Samoans dont fit in either one. Though i believe there is a Polynesian category.

    Johnny Leo'o played for the AB's at one point i believe but he is no longer cut for the team, which has made him ineligible to represent Manu Samoa- something he "regrets", his royalty shows that blood is thicker than water but also that getting paid more by the AB's is more important than a few words that class him as a "NZ'er".

    I myself am a Samoan that lived in NZ.
  12. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Exactly, those players aren't Samoans, they are New Zealanders of samoan ethnicity.


    WRONG! they ARE samoans! they are also new zealanders of samoan ethinicity
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