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Saracens new owners


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Apr 27, 2008
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No more Nigel Wray,

New owners are:

Francois Pienaar, a World Cup winning Captain and former Saracens player
Dominic Silvester, Chief Executive Office of Enstar Group,
Neil Golding, the club's chairman and a partner at Freshfields
Paul O'Shea, a director at Enstar
Nick Leslau, Chairman and Chief Executive of Prestbury Investment Holdings
Marco V. Masotti, a partner at Paul Weiss and an owner of South Africa's Sharks rugby team

Maggie Alphonsi has joined their board, as well

Francois Pienaar is a surprise - must've done alright for himself after rugby!
Masotti is the interesting one.
The inly time I've heard anything about him is when he went to bat for Rassie in the dispute with World Rugby. I assume he's been brought in to ensure that Sarries are still widely disliked despite Wray's "departure".
Wray's still involved.
Yeah, presumably his shareholding is reduced, but has anything else changed? His daughter is still CEO, but of course his role will be "passive".

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