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Saracens v Northampton



Saracens vs Northampton
Vicarage Road, Watford
KO 1945

Okay, forgot to do the post, but it is up now!

Sarries in the lead in the run up to the end of the first half but horrible indicipline by Saracens which I hope the Gaffer will deal with in the half time team talk.
Sounds like Northampton are cocking everything up on the radio. Close game though considering the weakend side the Jimmies are playing. At least they've turned up to play this time, unly when the fez heads came to FG a few weeks ago.

16-15 to Sarries at half time.
No idea whats going on with Saracens, we really should have put away another try and pushed a little harder.

I'm hoping the Gaffer will sort it out half time.
Sounds like Sam Harding is single handedly winning the game for Saracens.

Loads of chances, but we're bumbling it at the last pass every time.

Still nice to see them on the attack all the time while also in the lead.
Sarries 33 - Northampton 15!

Five points for Sarries and 4th place too! Yaaaay! ^_^
Sounds like Sam Harding is single handedly winning the game for Saracens.


Presumably this is the same Sam Harding who many fans have been clamouring to have included in the starting XV every week, and shouting to be offered a new contract immediately.

Er...no people. The guy has shown less intelligence than Darren Fox (before his transplant) whenever he has been on the pitch this season. Has the athleticism but doesn't think the game. Next please!
seeing as we have such a stupid number 8 we did well to completey thrash you in the second half didn't we
Yes, quite obviously, it was a complete fluke, especially considering that was nowhere near our strongest side.

The Fez brigades are growing! Soon they shall dominate the whole of TRF and even the most insane of Super 14 fan (looks at Mr Truth out of the corner of his eye) will reel from our constant monolouges of random facts about Andy Farrell, Richard Hill and Ben Johnstone! :D
Monolouge fact about Andy Farrell ver 1;

He's a former "rugby league superstar" (which is an oxymoron) who was tempted to sign an RFU contract because Andy Robinson believed he would become an outstanding player. Be it a forward or back, it didn't really matter... For he would be given his own position with the apt name... The boreward. Oh, Andy would move from his beloved Wigan to the so called "wonderful" Watford where he would play for the "mighty" Saracens. These Saracens would forge him into a world class rugby player, be it forward or back, and he would become the savior of England!

Hark! Oh no! The man of steel would bruise his num-num mere days after signing his lucrative £200,000 per season contract and not don his boots for 12 months. Alas, ye there is no problem. Thou prophisise that the BBC shall name him as great before the union crowds first bestowed their eyes upon him. The BBC will show 'em!

Now, in his 18th month of the great and wonderful code, the rusty man of steel has shown his credentials in the code of union... He shal flanh nay he shall not push. He shall occupy the midfield nay he shall only move latteral. And hark! how he shall be defeated by sprinkboks and made to look stupid by 19 year old boys. Oh Hark and LOL!

The future is uncertain for the man of steel, nay he will be great, for these are the words of Andy Robinson.
I wasn't there, but considering everything i've heard about it, i'm rather glad i didn't go! Sounds like Sam Harding totally screwed up, and the whole team was just SHITE. I know players are being rested for Wuss game, but seriously, we should go into each game aiming for a win, putting out the best team possible, not going into a match thinking "well we will rest all these players because it's the Wuss game that we need to win". BOO.
Well done though Sarries, and well done to your most helpful player, Sam Harding!

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