Saracens v Viadana

Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Dec 7, 2007.

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    Viadana are proving more than tricky oponents in this pool so that makes this game no easy task for Saracens, however given that Glasgow were able to get the bp victory you'd imagine Sarries will do the same. Exciting times as well for Sarries with Chris Jack making his debut along with Brent Russell.

    Viadana will be looking for their first away win in the Heineken Cup so won't exactly be thrilled to see someone of the calibre of Chris Jack chomping at the bit to make a good impression.

    I'd expect a bonus point win for Sarries.

    Saracens: Brent Russell, Richard Haughton, Kevin Sorrell, Andy Farrell, Kameli Ratuvou, Glen Jackson, Neil de Kock (capt), Nick Lloyd, Fabio Ongaro, Cobus Visagie, Chris Jack, Hugh Vyvyan, Sakiusa Matadigo, Richard Hill, Ben Skirving
    Replacements: Andy Kyriacou, Census Johnston, Iain Fullarton, David Seymour, Alan Dickens, Adam Powell, Edd Thrower

    Viadana: Garry Law, Roberto Mariani, Samuele Pace, Matthew Harvey, Andrea Accorsi, Calvin Howarth, Steven Bortolussi, Plinio Sciamanna, Andrea Moretti (capt), Ignacio Rouyet, Cristian Bezzi, Dion Waller, Sam Harding Lance Persico, Mario Vella
    Replacements: Roberto Santamaria, Jaco Erasmus, Mattia Cagna, Andrea Benatti, Corrado Pilat, Craig McGrath, Claudio Spadaro
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  3. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Very VERY pleased with how Sarries put away Viadana. Definetly proved their HEC credentials with such a stunning victory.

    Vicarage Road isn't looking like such a dead cert victory for Biarritz now then is it? :p
  4. That must be one of the biggest threashings in the competitions history, look forward to seeing the highlights tomorrow. Viadana are a poor side, i think they were flattered by Glasgows poor play at Hughenden and were really found out today. Kudos to the Sarries though, i think they have this pool sorted.
  5. Viadana at hughenden? whats that got to do with anything? (besides, theyve actually NEVER played there! ;) )

    ok, sorry for being pedantic. Viadana didnt impress me atall at Firhill - there last try was class however their first 3 were handed to them on a plate. Glasgow, despite playing our WORST game of the season, could easilly have beaten them by 30 points!

    i wouldnt be so sure about sarries for the pool though - Biarittz cant be taken lightly at VR and Firhill is by no means a dead cert for them either. (we ran them close at VR, and would have beaten them last time in Glasgow had our players been able to see each other!)
  6. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I can lend to this debate, I remember watching Viadana against Worcester in 2006/7 over the European Challenge Cup.

    While Worcester did make heavy weather of their win in the end, it was pretty obvious that Viadana's main weakness was in their forwards. Worcester's pack was pretty pedestrian last season by a long shot but even they managed to grind down and dominate Viadana's pack easily enough. One of Viadana's main stregnths will always be their backs and if you give them space they will run riot.

    Essentially, Viadana are the European Club Rugby version of Japan: extremely weak in the forwards but incredibly talented in the backs.
  7. In that case why are you extending on the subject of Glasgow, who are completely irrelivent in this thread. :p
  8. An Tarbh

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    and I think will ultimately prove irrelevant after tomorrow's game when their challenge should be virtually ended by Biarritz, despite their poor form, although however poor their form why will they be fearing a team that lost at Connacht only last weekend.
  9. an tarbh - if your saying glasgow are shite does that mean leinster are too? i mean, you guys lost at firhill! ;)

    anyways, back to the point of this thread. A good win by Saracens, however nothing less than i would have expected. I await with interest your return leg though.
  10. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I think a fair few people are being a wee bit cynical in underestimating Glasgow, especially with their home record. For a team which lost easily to Connaught in Rugby Purgatory, they proved equal opponents for Saracens in all of their encounters, both in the ECC and in our first HEC meeting.

    I think we're marking up Biarritz a bit too highly here, we're expecting them to muddle through and even though they've already had two close scares during this group - first against Viadana away and then against Saracens at home - we're all expecting them to still top the group and pose a serious challenge in the knockouts.

    This is simple complacency my friends, and we all know what happens to those who are complacent: they get a good kick up the arse.

    Back on topic, a tribute to our great Wako Jacko from the Gaffer (Alan Gaffney):

    A superb tribute to a member of a New Zealand pack which simply doesn't get enough recognition.
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