Scotland on the Up?

Discussion in 'International Test Matches' started by Finerz, May 2, 2010.

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    Scotland's 6 nations performance has put yet more question marks over whether they can fulfill their potential or just slump back in typical Scottish Rugby fashion. In recent years Scotland have been seen as the dark horses, but have always failed to fulfill that label.

    This year, I belive there was an improvement, and Andy Robinson has been exactly what the team needed. The results do not tell the whole story for Scotland. We finished 5th in the table with one draw and one win, only just avoiding the wooden spoon. Our first match against France was never going to be ours. The French just outplayed us fair and square. The second game agains Wales was such a painful experience, losing by Shane William's cruel hand after leading for 75 minutes. The result in Rome was very disapointing as Scotland went out not to lose, rather than to win, but perhaps if the result in Cardiff was different, the match against Italy would have been different. In our penutimate match against England, I thought we desuerved to win, even though neither teams were brilliant. We settled for a draw, but it could have been much better. The finally we got the win we had been waiting for against the Irish, finally putting an 8- minute display in.

    So overall, i think we could have won 4/5 matches, and be 2nd place. But the fact is that that didn't happen and Scotland once again spluttered to a poor table position.

    Looking ahead to next years 6 nations and the World Cup, I am optamistic. If this years performance is differnt and actually means improvement, we will be in with a chance next year. In the World Cup, we have a pool of England and Argentina, a lucky draw since we can beat both of these teams. It could have been much worse by getting NZ, SA or Australia.

    So do you think Scotland are on the up, or will they once again do a Scotland and sink back into the label of the nearly men.
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    I can't see Scotland making it out of the group stages in the world cup however i do think they'll be challenging for higher spots in the 6N in the next few years.
    As you said, they were unfortunate not to win a lot of these games, i think next year they could end up 2nd or 3rd
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    Apr 18, 2010
    They will do pretty well in the Six Nations, however most of their players are on the upper end of the 20's and early 30's, they don't produce a lot of young talent and I see this success being short lived. Give it a few years, players will retire, and things will return to the statis-quo of being joint wooden spoon holders with Italy.

    Incredibly pessimistic guy.
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