Scotland v Romania

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Warriors#1, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    Scotland take on Romania at Murrayfield, Kick Off 8:00PM!

    Should be a good game with Scotland hopefully pulling off a win! I'm not ruling out Romania though! Altough they are one of the 'smaller' sides they have a strong physical Scrum and will take to the Scots! With the other 'smaller' sides pulling some close upsets and holding some of the bigger sides and even holding them for most of the game! I think it will be a good game and i am looking forward to watching it form the stands of Murrayfield!

    Scotland Squad:

    15 Rory Lamont (Sale Sharks)

    14 Sean Lamont (Northampton Saints)
    13 Simon Webster (Edinburgh)
    12 Rob Dewey (Ulster)
    11 Chris Paterson (Gloucester)

    10 Dan Parks (Glasgow Warriors)
    9 Mike Blair (Edinburgh)

    1 Gavin Kerr (Edinburgh)
    2 Ross Ford (Glasgow Warriors)
    3 Euan Murray (Northampton Saints)
    4 Nathan Hines (Perpignan)
    5 Jim Hamilton (Leicester Tigers)
    6 Jason White (Sale Sharks) CAPTAIN
    8 Simon Taylor (Stade Francais)
    7 Allister Hogg (Edinburgh)


    16 Scott Lawson (Sale Sharks)
    17 Craig Smith (Edinburgh)
    18 Scott MacLeod (Llanelli Scarlets)
    19 Kelly Brown (Glasgow Warriors)
    20 Chris Cusiter (Perpignan)
    21 Hugo Southwell (Edinburgh)
    22 Nikki Walker (Ospreys)

    Bit of a surprise with Paterson playing on the wing! But i good strong squad i would say!

    Romania Squad

    15 Iulian Dumitras,
    14 Catalin Fercu,
    13 Csaba Gal,
    12 Romeo Gontineac,
    11 Gabriel Brezoianu,
    10 Ionut Dimofte,
    9 Lucian Sirbu,

    8 Ovidiu Tonita,
    7 Alexandru Manta,
    6 Florin Corodeanu,
    5 Cristian Petre,
    4 Sorin Socol ©,
    3 Bogdan Balan,
    2 Marius Tincu,
    1 Petrisor Toderasc

    16 Silviu Florea,
    17 Razvan Mavrodin,
    18 Cosmin Ratiu,
    19 Alexandru Tudori,
    20 Valentin Calafeteanu,
    21 Ionut Tofan,
    22 Florin Vlaicu
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  3. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Should be a very good game. Romania certainly showed against Italy that they`re a side to be reckoned with, powerful up front and committed at the back. Tincu especially really stood out for me, and looks a good bet to have another blinder.

    As for Scotland, well with Parks in at flyhalf, kicking for field position seems to be the idea then. Not such a good idea against a side with a pretty powerful pack of forwards, so that could be interesting. Once again, would`ve preferred Paterson at 10, he really needs the game time in order to develop especially his defensive alignment at 10, which is still a bit suspect.

    I`m going for a Scotland win, but in a pretty tight encounter, by 12-15 points.
  4. Manny Ribera

    Manny Ribera Guest

    I've never really been in to rugby but since the WC has started I have been glued to it.

    So much so that I'm heading through to Murrayfield tonight for the game (my first time) and I'm looking forward to it! :bana:
  5. Ihsaan

    Ihsaan Guest

    I'm guessing Paterson will kick for the whole match until he's subbed? How likely is he to be subbed?
  6. BuzauRugby

    BuzauRugby Guest

    Hi everyone! This is my first post. I'm from Romania and I support my local team Martelli-Constam Buzau in the second division but also Dinamo Bucharest from top league.

    About the game tonight, I don't expect us to win, but I'd be extremely happy with a bonus point. After the very good game against Italy hopes are high so we'll see how our boys will do tonight.
  7. Fozastuta

    Fozastuta Guest

    Tonight can go 2 ways, Scotland run riot and win by 25+ or Romania keep it tight like they did against Italy and take them all the way. I hope for Scotish rugby's sake that the crowds turn up, and give the players the backing they deserve. Jason White is a first class rugby player. As for Romania, for too long they've been on verge of breaking into the next section, i pin alot of hope on Romania, hopefully they follow Italy and Argies, the potential is there. Here's to a good game tonight.
  8. Georgian

    Georgian Guest

    Welcome BuzauRugby,wish your team to play a good rugby,i`m for romania today,becaus of IRB,if the "2nd rated" teams play on equal with the grands they may think about that,i think it`s not good to play with grands only once in 4 i`m everywhere for romania exept of Nations Cup and Anthim Cup ;)
  9. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    and Scotland win 42-0.

    was a very ordinary match. Allister Hogg got 3 tries, 2 to Rory Lamont and one to Chris Paterson....and Paterson nailing all 6 conversions.

    Lots of mistakes from Scotland.
  10. Just back from the game.

    We were OK, took our chances and our pack played well as a unit.

    However we'll struggle against the better sides as the tournament goes on if we make those basic handling mistakes and give away as many penalties again.

    Sean Lamont had very poor hands tonight, dropped quite a few easy balls. He wasn't the only one, but he stuck out the most. Apart from that he ran with the ball well, but is continuing to be out shone by his brother.

    Parks played very well his goal kicking was pretty good out of hand. Hogg was also strong and White got some good hits in. Lawson impressed me when he came on aswell, some nice hands.

    Webster in the centre, sort of worked. He had some good runs and defended well and he did alot better than Di Rollo in that he caught the ball. Maybe the fact he's not huge works against him but he posseses a bit more skill and creativity than Dewey or Di Rollo do at centre.

    On the whole, a good performance. We dominated from start to finnish and defended very well. However poor discipline and basic handlign errors whilst trying to force offloads and 50/50 passes let us down. Keep hold of it and take it into contact when your forwards are that dominant.

    Plenty to be encouraged about though.
  11. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    good win from the scots. i thought romania would get at least some points based on their performance against italy.

    does this indicate scotland are clearly ahead of italy and will easily take out 2nd place in the pool?
  12. thebaptist

    thebaptist Guest

    Basically yes except Italy will take 4th place cause Portugal will beat them tomorrow. but what do I know, I'm just starting to get into rugby :lol:
  13. Basically yes except Italy will take 4th place cause Portugal will beat them tomorrow. but what do I know, I'm just starting to get into rugby :lol:
    Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
  14. thebaptist

    thebaptist Guest

    Basically yes except Italy will take 4th place cause Portugal will beat them tomorrow. but what do I know, I'm just starting to get into rugby :lol:
    Were you dropped on your head as a baby?

    No, were you?
  15. Romania good game against italy was mainly due to italy having playing the mighty all black at 1.45 in marseille 4 days earlier.

    A well rested italy, like yesterday a well rested scotland, can easily trash the simplistic romanian rugby.

    Still scotland has surely more attacking options than italy, i would say scotland chances against italy are 60%. But i wanna see how well they do against the best ABs team.
  16. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Well Italy have a chance for the reason that they will be rested now after the Portugal game for 10 days.

    However its looking ominous. Scotland are probably playing the best out of any 6N team currently, while Italy are struggling to find form.
  17. thebaptist

    thebaptist Guest

    Like I said, I don't know much about rugby. I'm Portuguese so I have to root for my team, even if they will lose. :D
  18. nosferatu

    nosferatu Guest

    Sadly, I can't even say that Romania had a poor game. That's our level, we've played to our limits and made about the same mistakes(losing possession :wall: ) as the ones that costed us the Italy game.
    It's all about the quality of the opposition..

    p.s. Bine ai venit, BuzauRugby!
  19. P0IS0N

    P0IS0N Guest

    I agree. Scotland was a totally different story than Italy, and I think it's obvious who's taking the second spot for the quarters.
  20. i wish it was that simple - the italy game is still gonna be a biggie!

    as for last night, may have been an "ordinary game" but i certainly enjoyed it. the attendance was about the same as our August tests - but i suppose the good thing was at the august tests half the crowd was travelling support, last night it was almost all scots - hence the atmosphere is much better (from a scottish perspective)

    certainly looks like its gonna be left to scotland and france to fly the flag for the northern hemisphere in the knockout stages. i just hope we dont meet them at the stade de france in the next round!!!!

    ps, we did england a favour last night - they are now no longer the only team to finish a game with nil points> ;) )
  21. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest


    Yeah, it was a good game and a pretty good attendence! Thought we showed Italy that we will take it to them and give them a game and not 3 early tries! The parks at No. 10 and Paterson on the wing worked well i think and should be concidered for the Italy game! parks is a really good out of hands kicker and made some good touches! As for Seam Lamont, I dont know what happened to him last night! He is a top class player but was not showing that last night! Overall a good game but we lost too many of our own possession when we just didnt hold onto the ball in the tackle and the maul!

    A bit to work on but i feel confident for the Italy game!
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