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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by BokMagic, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    The biggie for both sides. In a winner takes all (a QF spot) match, both teams will have to go big or go home.

    In the pre-RWC buildup, Italy seemed to be the side going into the tournament with more momentum, having beaten Scotland in their last encounter, and coming off of a very creditable performance against Ireland, while Scotland struggled to get any momentum in their warm-up game against the Boks.

    But Scotland has come into some excellent form during this RWC, and have looked the class of the field in pool C, the sublime NZ excepted. They`ve certainly looked more impressive than Italy in the buildup to this game, and will rightly start out as favourites.

    Can the Italian monster pack featuring the likes of the world-class Bortolami, Bergamasco, Parisse and Castrogiovanni finally pull it together, or will the Scottish back row, with White leading from the front, be able to neutralise them? Will Paterson and the Lamont brothers run riot at the back, or will the Italians be able to close them down?

    Prediction time gents- get in there!
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  3. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Probably not as Bortolami is out... his replacement is Del Fava which isnt bad at all, but it is a huge blow to lost the captain for this game.
  4. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Interestingly Jim Hamilton is in for the Scots at lock over Scot Murray. I don't think he is as athletic, but he is very physical. Could be a great call from Hadden, especially with Bortolami out.
  5. Giacobani

    Giacobani Guest

    Go Italy !!!
  6. checco23

    checco23 Guest

    Yes, but the "real" captain of Italy is Troncon, the most experienceful player
  7. im feeling relativly confident - but the closer it gets the more nervous im gonna get!

    i think many people in Scotland now EXPECT a semi-final place AT LEAST - just goes to show how far Scotland have come since the 6 nations. im not gonna go as far as saying i expect to get to the semi's, but i sure do expect us to be in with a shout. both games will be tough - but we can beat both sides (so long as we do actually meet Argentina) so i will watch with real hope! C'mon Scotland!

    (ps. i can just see Parks landing a 70-odd meter drop-goal at the end of the 3/4th play-off in the parc des princes - relegating a certain J. McFadden to prince! :D)
  8. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    First italian Try looked dodgy. Fantastic hang time on the garryowen but Bergemasco played the man not the ball. Should have been a penalty out.

    Either way, 7-6 Italy. Game on.
  9. revert

    revert Guest

    I think cusiter should have started.
  10. SecondRow04

    SecondRow04 Guest

    Final Score...

    Scotland 18 - 16 Italy

    Scotland through to last eight!

    good luck! :p
  11. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Italy, you *****!

    Scotland played it smart, but they were the inferior team.

    Whoever put that last kick over the top (Pez?) on full time should be shot. It was like saying on behalf of the team, We give up. They had to keep putting it through the hands - no other option.
  12. how bergemasco played all 80 minutes i'll nver know! should have seen red for his trip on parks - and then yellow for grabbing someone round the neck!

    but at least were though i suppose!
  13. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    Not the best match/performance/use of 80 minutes but Scotland have looked pretty ok in the group, Italy have struggled.

    England and Scotland through, all up to Ireland now.
  14. I don't think either side was better than the other, pretty even contest. Both sides pretty nervous. But, Paterson proved that he is the best goal kicker in the world with yet another fantastic display from the boot. We didn't use our superior backs enough, but we did well in the lineout and the loose.

    Dissapointed to see Hines sin binned. Troncon's high tackle was worse and with the arm. Hines hit the guy on the chest and came up. Still a penalty, won't argue that, but the ref should have sin binned either both or none.

    Also perhaps a case for crossing the Italian try?

    Our pack preformed pretty well and matched Italy upfront. As I said, we didn't use the backs enough and I would have liked to see Henderson earlier. Southwell played OK, not his greatest game in a Scotland jersey, but we did miss the dangerous running of the younger Lamont.

    Still, we're in the quarter finals and we have over come the trickiest hurdle we've had to face in a long time.
  15. any word on Lamonts injury? is he likely to play in next weekends Quarter?

    did think a player looked offside at the italian try - but having seen the replay in not so sure. definatly think lamont was taken without the ball though.

    and heres hoping we can play a bit better in the Quarters, as i think we have a real chance of reaching the semi's for the first time since 91. a third/fourth play-off at the Parc Des Princes? i think Murray would have to choose the away dressing room!

  16. The Neck grabbing wasnt Bergamasco that was Troncon, but yeh I agree how he played 90mins to be honest Italy were playing dirty, people say they played not that bad but they were nasty on that pitch tonight shame they were the better side, coming from a scotsman here i was disappointed with the side they were too nervy to go wide, after the 6 nation campaign. But nevertheless we are through to Quarters to get raped :lol:
  17. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    I was shocked on two fronts.

    Firstly that Bergamasco failed to get sent off for what was a very cynical and stupid professional foul.

    And secondly that Dan Parks made something approaching a break!
  18. Pretty disappointed i must say. I think a couple of long kicks were bad choices, we could have gone for the lineout. Troncon last kick was so idiotic but i think as long as the team does not have a decent fly half they won't make a step forward. Pez is the weakest fly half of the tournament.
  19. Hoodo

    Hoodo Guest

    I thought that once Scotland cracked Italy's lineout codes, we should've ran riot with ball, especially with Hamilton being well over 6 feet. Paterson, again shows that its not the ball, its the kicker that is at fault for Englands wayward kicking.Parks showing some good glimpses of pinpoint kicking.

    England and Scotland through to the 1/4's, can't see Ireland getting through though.

    @ Revert, why do you think Cusiter should've started? I think Mike has proven himself to be a huge asset at 9, both him and Parks now have a good understanding, and have frozen out both Cusiter and Ross. No Bias though :p
  20. RC

    RC Guest

    Brilliant Scotland!
    Absolutely brilliant!
    Paterson was Brilliant with his boot, the game was genuinely enjoying and i'm so glad you beat those filthy Italians.
    Penalised them for every time they the commited and illegality and i hope bergamasco gets cited for that stupid trip.
    And how did Troncon not go off for his stupidly dangerous high tackle?

    Comiserations to Italy.

    Congratulations scotland!
  21. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Well I am pretty proud of this team Italy team even ifin the end we lost by just 2 pts and a great kicker like Paterson. Italy remain comitting stupid penalties in crap areas and also dont have enough penetration in our backline. In the end, if Bortolussi had kicked his chance with 4 minutes to go we would have gone through, however I cant blame Bortolussi, he had an excellent match overall. I thought he got it too, it was very close.

    Maybe this year we are not in the QF, but we are still an improving nation and maybe next time. We have a good youth set up currently, I feel all this team needed was a great number 10 and we would have gone through. Pez is so crap, he always loses the ball and gives the ball to dangerous counter attacks. He cant defend and his kicking game is inconsistent. If we had Dominguez we would be in the QF for sure as he would have kicked those extra 9 pts Bortolussi could have kicked.

    So this team isnt too old. Most of these players can be around in 2011. Between now and then we simply need to find a great number 9-10 and better/faster/stronger wings.

    Congrats Scotland. I dont mind losing to what is a better team in the end.
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