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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by leicester, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. leicester

    leicester Guest

    How much have Scotland's chances been harmed by the Edinburgh fiasco? It seems to me that they need all the confidence they can muster come September and their showdown with Italy. A loss to Italy and an exit at the pool stages could be damaging to the Scots given the current state of Scottish rugby. What kind of a state are they going to be in when the crunch match comes on September 29th (I think)?
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  3. voicekiller

    voicekiller Guest

    I hope they can make it to the next round, but you are right...what will their mindset be? Hopefully they put up a good fight to get to the next round
  4. I think that now the internationalists are training with Scotland, they will maybe be able to put it behind them and concentrate on the rugby.

    I think we will beat Italy. Italy only have managed to beat us when we've been rank rotten or interception pass happy. I think we'll be out for vengence, and hopefully we'll have some important players back such as White. Scotland have the abillity to beat the smaller sides comfortably where as I can see Italy struggling against the likes of Romania. I may be wrong though...

    I might even be so bold as to suggest we give NZ a decent game, given it is a home game for us. They will, in all likliehood (never say never though) beat us but I don't expect it to be a hiding.

    Quarters Finals and out I think for us, but a wee run to the semi's would be great.
  5. bundas

    bundas Guest

    it must be hard going into a World Cup not entirely knowing where you future lies in professional rugby, it would be hard not to let it affect your confidence and performance. the whole things an embarrasment, if i was larkham i'd consider my options elsewhere!
  6. He can't though. As long as there is an Edinburgh to play for, he is contracted to play for us for two years after the World Cup.
  7. danpayne

    danpayne Guest

    I think that Scotland have good chances, but it must beat Italy
  8. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    I think we have got a pretty good chance at getting through to the quarters as long as we don't get beat by Italy again. Altough i don't think that will happen because we have really improved since the 6Nations, the Ireland warm-up game preoved that.
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    Ummm I think he can...Edinburgh have come out and said they can't pay him the amount outlined in the contract. That is breaking the legally binding contract, therefore releasing Larkham. However, Larkham is a wonderfully genuine guy and is planning to play there whatever the circumstances.

  10. however, i thought the SRU had "got rid" of ER, and set up another pro-team under the same name, using the same players and mostly the same coaching staff. surley if this is the case then Larkham is only contracted to the "old" Edinburgh, and the SRU may choose not to invite him to the new one (alas, certain members of the coaching staff)

    I really hope he does come though, would be fantastic to see a player of that calibre play in scotland!
  11. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    I think Scotland options are reduced to beating Italy which could be pretty difficult looking at Italy's improvement last years ...
  12. all the sunday papers had their RWC supplements this week, and they hold mixed views on scotlands chances. some are saying the 6 Nations wasnt just a blip, while others are saying Scotland have the best chance out of all the british teams - with some pointing out that we have some great players in our ranks.
  13. Substitute

    Substitute Guest

    You've not been reading the Daily Mail surely? :D

    The Times had a good feature where they described a good and a bad scenario for every top side. Scotland's were:

    BAD: The few (few - sadly apt) Rugby fans up north will forgive you for letting Italy win the odd six nations game but don't blow this one boys.

    GOOD: Forget about those pesky Italians (Ant & Dec?). Upset the All Blacks in pool C (Yeah Right!) and , one-eyed New Zealanders apart, rugby followers around the globe will celebrate.
  14. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    Scotland will take it to the all blacks with fire in their hearts. Get one or two penalties, make the all blacks realise they're in a game before failing to really break through and losing by a comprehensive but undeserved 30 points.

    Lets face it, like in most pools there is just 1 crunch game. Scotland v Italy. I'd say Scotland's chances are 50/50. Italy are a good side.
  15. not the daily mail, sunday herald.

    although the daily record had an article about how shite scotland are - but they arent exactly "in the know" when it comes to rugby!

    saw the times - but after seeing their "world XV" and "5 must see games" the rest kinda lost credability - FFS Scotland v Italy is going to be a better game than New Zealand - Italy, and in our group id say Scotland probably have the best chance against the AB's (purley because of home soil)
  16. Chabal

    Chabal Guest

    Scotland has a good team but it will be hard to them...
    Last years they were very bad and in my opinion they are not outsiders at all..
  17. Otger

    Otger Guest

    Call me over-optimistic, but if Scotland beat Italy and France don't come first in their pool, in a match against Ireland or Argentina, Scotland will have a chance...
  18. jabali

    jabali Guest

    If Scotland beat Italy the game its going to be against Arg, and the next game: Arg - RSA
  19. Javier_1964

    Javier_1964 Guest

    If Scotland beat Italy the game its going to be against Arg, and the next game: Arg - RSA [/b][/quote]

    Italy beat Scotland 14-7
    France beat Scotland 56-16

    Scotland no chances
  20. after the last few days i am much more confident about our chances. obviously the real test comes on sunday, but at the moment Scotland seem to be playing well (even if they are making a few errors) while Italy - well - seem to be copying the rest of the NH nations. I am now sure Scotland will make it to the quarters, and if we get Ireland or Argentina you would be a fool to rule us out. (and who knows what could happen from there on in - the Boks might go to the wrong ground or something! ;) (hopefullsmilie)
  21. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Just as fool to rule out Italy I guess, specially taking into account last matches between Scotland and Italy and Scotland and Argentina (last scottish victory dates from 1990).
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