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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by frntline, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Well its not really a secret that the ospreys are trying to get him as there new head coach. But what does everyone else feel about this that he would be either trying to coach the ospreys and the USA National Team or be dropped as the USA coach. For my own view on the subject I think its really shows that he isnt as committed as he said he was (i would quote it but its was on tv and i cant find the video) committed to coaching the eagle for the next four years and now hes has plans on moving to the ospreys? I couldn't imagine what the player think of this all and maybe having to find a new coach as they get ready for a new year.
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  3. My take on it would be that he's not overly commited to the Eagles job if he's angling for the Ospreys coaching gig. He should be busting a gut trying to improve the fortunes of US rugby leaving him no time for another job.

    In my opinion, it may be wise for Nigel Melville to let him leave and get some compensation. You can't have a part time international head coach.
  4. dullonien

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    It's one or the other, it wouldn't be fair on the Eagles or the O's to have a part time head coach. I'd personally welcome him at the O's, must be better than <strike>Lyn Jones</strike> Shaun Holley, maybe then they'd score more tries than they have, considering the backline they have.
  5. Sir Speedy

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    Some radio show was discussing this the other day. They argued that Johnson is only good as a number 2, and making him head coach would be a bad idea.
    I suppose reflecting on the last three games in the '06 Six Nations, they have a point.
    It can't get any worse than Sean Holley though (then again, I said that about Lyn Jones. :huh:. )
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