Scourge of All Blacks gets statue.

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    Former Imperial Russian Army Officer, Anglo-Russian, British Lion, every All Black's worst nightmare and the artist formerly known as Prince Obolensky is to have a statue erected in his honour funded by public subscription.

    £40,000 has been raised so far including a £20,000 donation from an Ipswich businessman and £5,000 from the Rugby Football Union. Former ruler of Siberia and owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich has himself contributed £5,000. Another 300 smaller donations have been received from widows of fellow RAF fallen and from his former team mates in the 1930s.

    The man, who breakfasted on oysters and champagne before giving those who dared sail north from down under a good thrashing sadly died when his Hawker Hurricane crashed in 1940 while training for the RAF. He is buried at Ipswich in Suffolk, England. He died aged 24.

    In his first game, he cemented his reputation by scoring two tries, one of which considered one of the finest in rugby history, in Englands 13 - 0 victory over the All Blacks in 1936. His final feat before joining the RAF upon the outbreak of World War II was to score a record 17 tries in a single game while on a tour of South America.

    Source: The Independent
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